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01 January, 2006

I am an IDIOT ...

I am an idiot ... but we all knew that anyway ... I just had a read through of the comments, and I saw Suanie replied to my drawing of her on the 30th ... and there I was moving it to the top last night so that she'd see it and make a comment ... and she'd DONE IT! BAKA DABIDO! BODOH DABIDO! Oh well ... Suanie did comment on it ... and I obviously didn't read the comment ... and blah blah blah ... dabido = idiot (took two goes to write idiot too, as I mispelled it the first time! D'oh!) Oh well ... ANYWAT ... Had an excessively quite New Years Eve ... got five hours sleep and was up again. ANYWAT ... started moving stuff back into the room ... have re-arranged it completely, and three of the bookcases have found new homes in order to make the Office / GYM / Studio a more spacious place. Have put all the artwork up against one wall ... Here it is BEFORE I moved it back into the front room. Some of it was in the room, and the bigger stuff was in the hall blocking the hall room closet. Now, I've moved it all into the room, and if someone needs to go into or come out of the closet, then there is room for them! ;-) I might add, it might look very thick, but some of the canvases (you might notice), are next to each other. So, it's more than just two feet width worth of art ... This is the new layout of the room. It looks a lot more spacious in real life :-) Anyway, the book case on the right now blocks my desk from peopel trying to see what I am up to ... and in front of the bookcase is my running machien (that black thing ... it's folded up). All the art work is now between the running machine and the wall. This is the wall I have it up against now. Notice the bookcase ... and that black thing just out of shot is the running machine. The piece of art with the black corner and circles etc ... is 1.8 metres by 1.8 metres. BIG CANVAS.