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05 January, 2006

My Old Pastor on TV!!!!!

I was up after 12:30pm last night, and something weird happened. You know how you see someone whom you havent seen for ages ... Well, a Christian TV chat show came on TV. It was hosted by my old pastor Karl Faase from Gymea Baptist Church (which is a great church for all those Christians visiting Sydney). I then did a quick google for my old church to see if he was still the pastor there. He is. What surprised me is that my friend Cherylyn now works there as an Admin assistant. (She's married to my friend Darren). Anyway, getting back to the TV Show, it was EXACTLY like what Pastor Karl used to do once a month. He'd set up the font of the church like an interview show and would interview special guests. Sometimes it would be someone important from around the globe and sometimes it would be someone from our own church. It was funny in a way to see that he was doing the exact same thing ... except now IT WAS A SHOW! SPOOOOOKY! :-)