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06 January, 2006

Twenty First Birthdays

I suggested to my mother that some time we all have a combined Twenty First B'day party. I mean, I know it's a bit LATE with my mother and my age equaling 100 years, but neither of us had a twenty first party. The reason it came up, is my mother found a pewter mug she had bought for my brother Jeffrey for his twenty first. He was livign with my father at the time, and when she sent the mug over to him, my father and his secodn wife gave Jeffrey the mug claiming it was fom them. This infuriated my mother, luckily there was a note from my mother and the rest of the family in the mug. My excuse for not having a twenty first was I was living in Sydney. My family by that stage were in Perth. My flatmates and some friends bought me a game and a record and a cake. (Plus there was some champagne - but I am allergric to that), but no real party. It was better than nothing. My mother's twenty first was even sadder. By that stage, she had me and my elder brother, and was married to my father. When my father was leaving for work, my mother mentioned that it was her twenty first birthday, and he replied, 'So?' and that was it. No present, no party, nothing. [You start to get a feeling for what my father was like.] So, with my brother Jeff just getting a mug (and no party) and me not having a party and my mother not having ANYTHING ... I thought it would be nice to have a party one day ... actually, after reflecting on it, it seems I got the best out of the three of us. Anyway, my mother liked the idea. It's a pity most of my friends are in Sydney, and my mother and brother don't socialise (and as such don't have any friends). So would be a pretty small party. I might try to gear it up for around March, as my brother and mother's birthdays are then.