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31 December, 2005

I'm Still Very Sad Today!

I'm still sad over recent events in the family. Woke up this morning, and before I was even allowed to have Breakfast, my mother had myself and my brother gardening, and chopping down bushes etc. Then, I got to have breakfast, and started again on the front room ... only, my brother has hurt his back, so I was havin to move heavy furniture on my own. I am so friggin' angry and sad over what's happening. Hammering those floorboards into place just gives me more time to think about it, and become angrier and stuff. It's all friggin' greed and all over the friggin' house and everything. All those friggin' b@$ta@rds worried they won't get the house, which my mother has adamantly always said she would leave to my youngest brother. So, it all comes down to them trying to take it away from mom and him. Why do people like this exist? Self centered friggin' B@$T@RD$!!!!! My fathers tried to take the house before - he's tried running my mother over (pretending it was an accident), he's tried turning up with a Real Estate Agent in order to try to sell it without my mother's permission (and leave her homeless) and all sorts of other CRAP. Now he wants me out of the equation, as I'm trying to help my mother ... and what do I get - if I am successful, nothing except the satisfaction that I helped my mother, and in the long run my youngest brother, (plus the wrath and loathin of my father and other siblings ... whcih i alreayd have anyway ... so nothin lost). If I fail, I'll probably have the wraith and hatred of my father and other siblings still ... but my mother will be homelss, my youngest brother too and I'll have a heap of crap to wade through, and possible debt from legal fees ... It must be something genetic in the family ... my father must have passed @r$3h013 genes down, and my other siblings got them, and I didn't. Once again I am the outsider fighting for friggin' justice ... I just hope I'm not installing these floor boards for my mother in order to have these @#$!!! take it all away from her. Oh well, I have to return to putting them in. I'm contemplating leavin Perth after I help save the house for my mother and youngest brother. I want nothing more to do with the rest of my siblings ... it's all friggin' crap and it's all friggin' designed to make the victims (my mother and youngest brother) look like they somehow deserved to have everything stolen from them ... and onvce again they'll try to make me look evil for protecting them ... that's the way it works around here ... attack and pretend the victim was asking for it. !!!!! I'm so friggin' sick of this family! Can't live with them ... not allowed to shoot them!