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01 January, 2006

hApPy nEw YeAr

It is the astart of a New Year ... in fact, I started putting this post together pretty much as soon as the new year began ... that meant loading the photo's fromt he camera (which I took last year), then scaling them down to be smaller and also uploading the photos and writing all this (as well as running an anti virus, as I had a security alert pretty soon after logging on - whcih meant I really started the new year with a Computer Reboot. I hope that's a good sign! A good clean rebooted life start to the new year!) :-) Here are some pictures of the front room ... yeah, you might remember I said I had to put the floor boards in while moving everything around. Here is my Sydney University Top. It's falling apart, in fact, it has been for ages. You'd have to see it to beleive it, as you can't see most of the holes in it ... in the photo, the easy to see holes are because there is a hole on the other side of the shirt, and you can see the floor boards through thte T-Shirt. Why am I showing you this T-Shirt ... well, even though my mother has been trying to get me to chuck this T-Shirt away, I've been using it as a buffer when hitting the metal floorboard installer thing-a-me-gig with the mallet. One of the things the T-Shirt did, is stop a lot of the floorboards breaking. unfortunately, there were a lot which broke.