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12 January, 2006

Good News Everybody.

Good News Everybody (why does that sound like Professor Farnsworth???) Went to the Doctor today (no, not Zoidberg). Thought it was very productive. I'd run out of medication for my stomach (and as regular readers know, that's like a death sentence for me), so off I went to see my Doc. We had a good chat regarding the fact that my blood pressure was still kewl, that my CPAP machine was working really good, and I was looking a lot healthier and not falling asleep etc etc. I was tempted to ask about the growth on my Aorta, but decided it's probably still benign. Better to live in ignorance and sudenly drop dead as a nice surprise for everyone. :-) I'm so thoughtful with surprises! :-) ANYWAY, after all the happy formalities and chatting etc (she asked how my Xmas was and stuff), we discussed my medication. I've been trying to ween myself off it (as per previous posts) in order to be able to do a test for Helio bacteria in the stomach. I need to be off the medication for seven days ... well, Good news everbody, apparently there is a blood test now, and she told me to stop going without my medication. I left the office with a request for a blood test, and forgot to get my script for my medication ... so I had to wait till she finished with the next patient and go back in. I felt stoopid a bit, but as I'd asked for the script earlier I think she also felt a little stoopid ... I mean, it was up on the screen, but she'd forgotten to print it, as we printed the other blood test request off instead! Anywat, I asked how her Xmas had been (seems as she'd asked about mine), and being Indian, she'd been off to India for a spiritual journey and then visited her Grandmother in Malaysia. I went 'MALAYSIA! I'm the third generation of my family to have lived in Malaysia!' It ended up she was BORN IN PENANG! WOW!! That's like where I used to LIVE!!!! So I said, 'Apa Khabar?' She didn't reply. 'Baik baik?' Um ... she didn't actually speak Malay! Wooops! Anyway, she told me I have to go back (which I've been planning to do for the last twenty years anyway!) I agreed, but have to get the business functioning perfectly.
Got the blood test done, and the results come back on Tuesday. She said if I don't hear from her, then I can assume the tests were negative! Normally a positive test is bad, as it means you ahve something, but I am hoping it is positive, as I've been battling this stomach problem for twenty years and if it comes back positive, then one course of Anti-Biotics and I'm cured! Fingers crossed I get a phone call onTuesday!!!!
I've been thinking of getting my brakes & tires replaced. The brakes have been making a few screech sounds and catchin slightly ... a good sign they are in need of replacing. The tires are getting a little thin on tread. On the way home it was raining (thanks to the Cyclone up North sending us rain and stuff), and I went to stop at a traffic light. To my horror, the brakes locked and the car slide sideways. I tried to correct, but the car just kept sliding as though it was on oil or something. As I hadn't slammed the brakes on hard, I assumed maybe there was oil or something at that intersection. I didn't hit anything and straightened the car up before any other cars arrived at the intersection. The rest of the way home I didn't have a problem. I'm not really a car enthusiast, but I assume the fact the car slide sideways had something to do with one brake grabbing and the other one acting normally. [Please tell me if you have an idea].