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12 January, 2006

Internet DIsease!!111oneoneone Paul Tan, he's the Man!

Paul has an interesting post on his site ... which I got to via Kimberly's site ... who is a friend of Suanie ... oh wait, I'm just making a list of everyone I know on line ... let me get back to reality ... Paul was blogging about Internet Disease ... things people do in order to look better on line than they do in real life ... and let's face it, people as ugly as myself REALLY need the help. Paul did a smashing job with his own pic with the High Contrast, but I think a much better job can be acheived with GIMP ... as such: [PAUL - STEAL THIS PIC] Of course, the re was the scarey image of a FATCHICK who made herself look better just by the angle she shot herself at ... so I decided to try the same technique (as per Paul's explaination of how to do it) and this was the result: GEEES, have I let myself GO or WHAT!!!!! Then I tried the montage of pics trying several cute poses trying to make myself look cute ... um ... er ... paper bags to the right, in the case of a crash put the life jacket on and hope there are more paper bags to eat out of if we end up on a deserted isle like in lost. I think these pics are better described as (top left to bottom right) 1. FRIGGIN' GAY! 2. Head lying on side after Broken neck from rejection in pub and gettin slapped around a LOT 3. Falling alseep (Stand Operating Procedure) 4. Beak Face 5. Smiling because idiots don't know what's really going on 6. On drugs 7. Pass the paper bags! I like this one the best ... probably catches me at my fast paced best ... in neutrally reverse gear. :-) So go on over to Paul's site and learn how to make yourself look good on line. :-)