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09 January, 2006

Mount Stevenson

Mount Stevenson. No, it's not a command or a request ... it's a place. Anyway, my mother was looking in the atlas of the top of Western Australia, as there is a cyclone (Cyclone Clare) up there, and my brother in law is working near to where the cyclone is going to cross the coast. While looking in the atlas, she said, 'Hey, there is a Mount Stevenson there. Wonder if it is named after one of your ancestors.' So, I did a quick google for it, and there was very little information about it ... but something made me laugh. It's not actually tall enough to be clarified as a mountain - it's a HILL. This lead to a few jokes concerning my father, as he always made himself out to be more important than he really was. 'I am BIG, I am BIG. I am Mount Stevenson.' **Dabido Pretends to measure Mount Stevenson** ''Sorry Mate, you're only a hill!' [Anything less than 1000 feet tall is a HILL. 1000 feet + is a Mountain ... so Mount Stevenson should really be called Stevenson's Hill. It's probably only funny if you know my father too ... but it cracked my mother and brother up]. :-) Anyway, it still makes me wonder if it is related to us in some way and or form. I might have to take a trip to Battye Library in the City and see if I can find anything.
On other news - got a new CPAP machine. Saw the Doctor, and took the trial one back. He's asked for the new one to be set at 12 (which corresponds to 12 cm below water in pressure) - I'm not sure if it will be right, as I told him I was having trouble breathing through the nose when the pressure became too great. Not in, but out ... it's hard to push out air when you have the pressure in and around your nose. Then, headed over to Air Liquide (so many things went through my head concerning the name of that place - but that's my brains problem! :-) ), to buy the new machine. Originally I was told a constant pressure machine costs around $800 ... SHOCK! Machine costs $999 and the mask etc costs $250 ... GASP! Paid for the machine and then went off to buy some more floor boards to do my bedroom with ... I think I might need another box full! Waaah! Anyway, I'll start on the bedroom soon ... would be embarrasing to have a friend over and show them the house and then go, 'And here's my room' and have the only bedroom with CONCRETE FLOORS! [Laundry and Kitchen still have concrete ... well, the kitchen has old cracking lino on top of the concrete. But we're hoping to tile them soon.] So, I'll start to move stuff out of my bedroom in order to get it ready to do the floors soon. I might start on it tomorrow. Would be nice to jump out of bed and onto wood instead of concrete ... well, I never walk bare foot in the bedroom anyway! Next, I went to the Library and got 'The Beach' with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Have never seen it before. I watched 'The Hurricane' last night with Denzel Washington, thinking I hadn't seen it, only to realise I had! Well, I haven't seen 'The Beach', I definitely know that. There wasn't anything on DVD they had that I wanted to see. That's a blessing - nothing on TV tonight either - another blessing ... so I am free to write, blog, study, be an idiot to my hearts content. Woo Hoo! I also grabbed Simple Minds Greatest hits (1980's band for all you Youngsters!) and a video on Watercolour Painting for my mother to watch ... and I might be able to pick up a technique or two I don't know as well ... I do mainly oil and acrylic painting, so watercolour is not my usual medium. Apparently, my Grandfather was an exceptional watercolourist, so maybe there is something in my genes which might help me. I also went down to the local Business Centre, and made an appointment to see the lady in charge. I've spoken to her on the phone before. Basically it's to join the local Chamber of Commerce.
Some mroe drawings should be on the way with my friend Adel being very agreeable to the idea of being drawn ... she wants to be done as an Angel, so I will do her as an Angel. :-) [And let's face it, the young dear is an angel ... so how could I say no!] :-) Plus young Shifa also has agreed to let me draw her ... she is one of my adopted internet daughters. She is a little cutie too. :-) I've requested some of my other friends to also let me draw them ... so hopefully they will come back and say 'Yes' to me. And you never know ... maybe one day Suanie will want another one ... or someone else. [I've requested enough ... here's another one - CALLING ALL MODELS ... WANNA POSE FOR ME ... NOTHING RUDE OR NAKED ... JUST NICE PICTURES ... AND YOU CAN STICK THEM ON YOUR BLOG OR MYSPACE OR WEBSITE OR FRIENDSTER OR USE AS TOILET PAPER] :-)