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21 December, 2005

Original Xmas Song by Dabido - Number Two

'Rudolph is a Drunk Raindeer' [Rap version] 'Rudolph, where have you been?' Santa asked one Christmas Eve, 'We've presents to deliver. We have to leave.' 'If you really must know,' Rudolph replied. 'I'm willing to tell you But you must be nice.' 'I've been up all night, I was rootin' hoes, I was snortin' coke, Which explains the nose' 'I was drinkin' hard I was doin' crack I was hangin' loose Cause my package don't lack. I was shooting pool, I was shooting beaus I got in a fight, Which explains the nose. If you really don't think, I am rough or tough, I'll take you all on, Till you scream enough. Cause I'm the gansta Deer, I'm the M.C. Dolph, I call the shots, And I raise the roof. I'm here tonight, To lead this sled, If any yo got a problem I shoot yo dead! So line up bitches In single file, Cause yo follow my tail, Yo dig my style. And all yo female deer, Yo are my hoes, Cause I'm the gansta deer, And what I say goes!