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20 December, 2005

Final Item on the List - Crazy Dates I have been on Part III

Crazy Dates I have been on Part III Actually, I was trying to remember some of the crazy dates I've been on ... and it was hard. I suddenly remembered a few the other day, but not enough to make a complete post on. Sometimes a girl will do something weird on a date, but it's a sort of one off thing which makes them seem weird or crazy or both. There was the girl from Taiwan ... she lost interest in me when I didn't jump her bones ... funny thing was, i was really sick. I'd had my tonsils removed a few days before ... in fact, I was only just out of the hospital, and my stitches pulled free. I was bleeding into my stomach and was feeling really sick, so I took her back to her hotel. I tried to contact her after that, but she just lost interest in me ... I'm not sure she beleived my tonsil story. Then, there was my date with a Phillipina girl. She contacted me, organised the date etc ... I think my Uncle Ricci knew her (he's not my real Uncle, he's a Phillipino friend of mine). The entire time she kept talking about how she wanted to live in Australia ... I asked if she was into white water rafting ... oh yeah, she said, she loved it ... when have you gone? Um, she'd never been ... how about sky diving? ... Oh, love it, such a good thing to do ... when have you been? ... never ... uhuh! No matter what I chose to speak about, she was really excited about it ... but most of all, she kept turning the conversation to the fact she REALLY REALLY needed that visa in her passport to let her stay in Aussie ... at the end of the date I gave her the 'Dont' call me, I'll call you ... and I'm real busy so I probably won't call you' talk ... and then she kept phoning me at work ... oh, how she'd love to marry an Aussie so she could stay in Aussie ... um, yeah, sure. Didn't I say I'd phone you ... yes ... and I'm really busy at the moment ... but, but, I want to stay in Australia ... yeah, that's what I'm afraid of, it's not about you liking me or anything, it's about YOU staying in Australia ... oh no, I really like you ... okay, how about I move to the Phillipines to be with you ... Oh NO!!!! I want to stay in Australia ... Um, yeah, that's what I figured! Then, my dates with Christine from China. I liked her, in fact, our first date went really well ... but then on the next date I just sort of seized up ... I couldnt' find anything to talk about ... and we were both in IT! Waaah! Anyway, she gave me the 'Don't call me, I'll call you talk' ... and I knew what that meant ... just to be sure I sent an e-mail asking her to e-mail me if she wanted to go on another date ... and she didn't reply. I didn't bother to send any more e-mails after that. (Unfortunately I'm not as vocal in real life as I am on the internet. So if you meet me and I seem quiet ... guess what, I pretty much am until you either get to know me pretty well, or get a few scotch and cokes into me). Yeah, that crazy date was MY OWN FAULT. (I didn't say the girls caused all the crazy dates - I'm to blame for some ... oh wait, I think the first one [Part I] was mainly my fault! [for those who remember back that far] lol) How about this one - a friend of mine phoned me up and asked if I was going to lunch with him ... um ... had we made a lunch date? because I had a date with a Japanese girl for lunch ... no, but his Auntie was in the city and he wanted me to meet her ... he'd shown me a photo of her before, she was about my age and cute ... still a virgin (if I could believe him - do virgins come that old???) ... anyway, at first i thought I'd double booked myself into two dates ... no, he assured me, he just thought with his Aunt in the city that day, I'd like to meet her, have lunch, get married ... um ... good thing I had that date with a Japanese girl. :-) One of the first ever dates with my ex-wife was a bit different. She wore a dress that she borrowed from her sister - one size fits all ... only my ex was taller than her sister, so she spent the night pulling the dress down as it kept rising up and showing her nickers off! Or the time I was at the school dance, and I was dancing with my GF at the time ... and grabbing her ample buttocks ... my younger brother saw, and told my parents ... and brothers and sister ... and friends ... and EVERYONE!!!! Like, gees, can't a guy grope his GF without the world finding out???? I wouldn't mind now, but when I was young, shy and didn't want my parents finding out what I got up to ... now I think my family would be glad if I actually groped anyone!!! :-) That is basically the LAST item on the list of things to blog about. Either I need to think of some more things, or people need to come up with something fasinating ... Oh reminds me, remember my Rolf Harris post .. .well, my mother saw Rolf on TV tonight, painting the Queen etc ... and she started ravin about me taking my first steps in front of Rolf's Aunty ... lol Funny how she always talks about it whenever Rolf is mentioned!!! :-) But, getting back to the list, just grab some unrelated things and throw them together ... snow leopards doing swan lake ... yaks on the way to mars ... Walrus Jet Ski instructors ... Racoons with a secret base under the Rocky Mountains ... anything ... just chuck some ideas this way and I'll blog about them. Hopefully I will return with more 'Hamster Wars' tomorrow too ... will depend on whether I am working or not. :-)