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20 December, 2005

Better Photo's

I just realised, I have better copies of my photo's at myspace. And what's even better, is people can add comments. (But, I think you might have to be MYSPACE members). Most of the photo's are exactly the same as the ones where I pimp myself, so not much new there ... note to self, take more photo's of ME ME ME! heehee! I should include the OFFICIAL musician ones from a few years ago ... must scan professional photo's into computer!!!! lol The funny thing about the PIMP MYSELF one, is my friend Amy from Penang spotted it and used it to contact me via e-mail. lol I hadn't talked to Amy for ages, so was good we finally made contact again. (And maybe I should intro her to some of the guys in Penang. I think she might still be single. Must ask ... (and I adopted her as my internet sister - so any successful guy must treat her right). Let's face it, I adopt almost anyone ... I have a few Internet Daughters (Mel in Penang ... she is one Mel Vampy is based on in Hamster wars ... Julie & Shifa in Indonesia ... plus more ... Suanie is my Son-in-Law ... I can't remember how that happened!!!) But, Amy is only one I allowed to be my internet Sister. (And Suan the only internet Son-in-law). All other females younger than me basically get adopted as daughters ... unless they annoy me ... actually, that is most of my internet daughters! WaaH! ... Actually, Widi is Guruku. And a few 'love interests' don't get adopted ... actually, now that I think about it ... that's only two girls so far ... one Phillipina girl I used to call Mahal Kitten and the other a Japanese girl I used to call Gugu. [Not their real names]. BUT, no love interests at present (no serious ones ... just ones I annoy by pretending to chase ... but lets face it ... are they that desperate? Well, if they are, they didn't reply to my self pimping!) Bwahahahahaaaa! These internet families are very complex ... I think at one stage one of my internet daughters was also my internet mum ... or something ... very complex! Anyway, I got sidetracked ... just thought I'd add that previous link to the photos where Myspace people can add comments or something ... or even ask me to add them as friends. Actually, one of the people I added in myspace I did just because she contacted me and I saw she was in Perth ... after I added her and looked at her profile, I realised she is PORN STAR!!!! [Why do I hear a sudden rush to my MySpace site???] It's true ... she sent a message asking .. well everyone if they want to be PORN STARS in a calendar ... she obviously didn't have too good a look at my photos! Bwahahahahaaa! Anyway, if you have a Myspace profile, add me and check out the photo's and add a stupid comment or something. :-)