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20 December, 2005

Haven't Written the Hamster Wars for days!

I can't beleive this - I don't have writers block, I know exactly where the story is going - but I've been busy doing other things. So no Hamster wars for the last few days! Today I was out doing some work ... but it got interupted by Kylie going for lunch, so I had to go home while she took a few hours off to eat with the guys - then there was the return at 3pm ... and a weird electrical burning smell in the PCYC ... so she had to lock it up and call the fire brigade and stuff - so I spent some of the time inbetween both of those shopping for mother and then the afternoon shopping again. I hope the PCYC doesn't catch fire, as my invoice for other work is in there! Well, i can print it off again ... but still, don't want the PCYC to burn down ... Interesting point Kennysia makes regarding Political Correctness gone wrong at Xmas. I added my two cents regarding some Xmas experiences I've had. To save you looking for the comment amongst Kenny's millions of fan comments, I'll re-tel it here in different words. One of the old churches I used to go to had a weird Xmas rule. One of the reasons why I hate organised religion (in spite of my own Christian Beliefs) is because they often find ways to twist you one way, then twist you the other. At Xmas at the old Uniting Church I used to go to, they did that a few Xmas' in a row. As it used to be an old Methodist Church, some of the congregation were very ANTI-ALCOHOL. As such, wishing someone a 'Merry Christmas' was TABOO as MERRY = DRUNK. Thus, Dabido writing 'Merry Xmas' or saying 'Merry Xmas' to people was a SIN! The other thing I mentioned on Kenny's site was same church banned me from telling jokes. Logic goeslike this: Jokes are funny stories which are not based on reality. If it's not REAL, it must therefore be a lie. Therefore Dabido's jokes were lies. QED, Dabido is a lying sinner for telling jokes! I could start a joke like, 'I was driving along ...' and someone would interupt and say, 'No you weren't, you're a liar!' Funny thing, is a lot of my jokes ARE based on things which really happened ... so therefore, even if I told a funny story which was TRUE, I was still a LYING SINNER! Waaah! Can't tell jokes, can't wish people a Merry Xmas ... such a jolly church ... oh wait, Jolly = Drunk as well ... um ... happy church? Or does Happy = Gay? Darn! Sombre church? I'm all for Political Correctness, but sometimes it goes overboard. I remember once, we were talking about some Indian Contractors we had at work. Well, my friend Corey was talking about them ... our friend Laurel, who was Canadian, got upset and said we had to refer to them as 'Native Americans' ... we laughed real hard ... Corey had been talking about Indians from INDIA not Native Americans ... but the funny thing was Laurel raved for bout ten minutes non stop about it, calling Corey all the name sunder the sun for being so Politically incorrect, and I was told to shut up when I pointed out that in Laurel's rant she refered to Native American's as Indians herself (with the sentence, 'When I talk about my Indian friends, I call them native Americans') It cracked us up ... and even years afterwards we would occassionally bring it up (when we felt Laurel wasn't going to kill us that is). But, as they say in Aussie, when they stop taking the piss out of you, it means they don't like you any more. [So if I tease you, rejoice in it, it means I like you!] ;-)