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19 December, 2005

Mouse House

Some weird things today - our phone kept making some weird scratching sounds every now and then. I've bene hearing it for days - today I heard it and my internet connection was lost! When it happened I was p***ed off, as this used to happen before ... luckily it was restored after ten mintues. I figure all that weird scratchign sound from the phone was Telstra Friggin' around with the phone lines!!! Their lack of service friggin' p***es me offf!!!! My mother and brother kept hearing and occassionally seeing a mouse. Today, I was sitting down watching a French Mini-Series about the French resistance (seeing how many words i could still remember in French) and I spotted the mouse climb up the wall, behind a Rudolph The Red nosed Raindeer and then saw it climb over behind a picture. I told my mother about it, and later decided to cathc the thing snd put him outside the house. I grabbed a 40 litre plastic tub, and took the picture down ... the poor scared mouse ran for it, and was behind rudolph again. I then got my mother to move Rudolph, and I caught the little guy in the tub. I was pretty proud, as my mother thought I wouldn't be able to catch him. I took him over the road to a park and let him go near the creek. My mother then said I released him close to where the snakes live (ie the creek). Anyway, I was pretty happy that I didn't have to kill the poor little guy. I just hope he was a genuine Aussie mouse and not a European import. I wish him all the best in his survival in the park. My mother then pointed out that it wasn't the mouse she and Jeff had been seeing. This one was grey, they'd been seeing a brown one which was bigger! Arrrgh!!!Looks like my mother and brother might invest in some ratsack. I still can't source Pipa strings in Australia. I've written to a Chinese orchestra in Melbourne in the hope they might have a source. [They probably get someone's Uncle Bob to send them from Hong Kong or something!] Grrrr, so annoying owning an instrument I can't play!!!! I'm still chasing Cellos on ebay and went looking for lutes ... at least I know I can get Lute strings in Aussie! They are about $100 for a set of twenty strings ... wow ... more strings than I'm used to playing!