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16 December, 2005

New Years Eve???

I received my Cert IV in Business today via post. I'm a bit miffed, I was informed we were going to have a graduation ceremony and stuff. So I was a bit shocked to find it was delivered in the mail. Where's our GRADUATION CEREMONY!!!!!??? I WANT MY CEREMONY!!!!!
I was wondering what to do for New Years Night. My main thought is to fly into Sydney and spend some time there. One of the reasons, is because of my friend Gary. I've blogged on him before. We did music at school together, (as well as other subjects), we went to church together and he was a good friend. A while ago, he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. It would be nice to see him, as it might be the last time I ever get to see him. The other reasons include seeing all my other friends there. Times moved on though - Rizaldy is married with a child (which happened just before I left), Corey has now got a GF, got her prego and bought a townhouse. Steve has a GF ... not sure what happened after that ... Greg and Nicole have had Rhiannon (a Baby) ... amazing what three years will do ... Yvonne moved to UK, damn it, I almost followed her ... but didn't ... Laurel moved to the UK following her BF ... Stella doesn't write any more ... Remonda ... stopped writing ... Darn it ... Where are my friends!!!!! Both of them ... if only I could remember their names!!! Hmmm, no wonder they ran away! I'm just tossing up whether it's feasible to go at the moment, both flight wise and accomodation wise. (Or even if there is anyone to see there!!!!)