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10 December, 2005

It's a Stupid World

Today, my brother and I had decided to finish building the picket fence for my mother and have it up. Upon hearing the fact it was going to be VERY HOT, I suggested we move the day to tomorrow. My mother then went into her 'David is so lazy' routine. This routine usually means she wants something done immediately, no matter how inconvenient it is to everyone else. So, out into the hot sun we went. (Did I mention that tomorrow was going to be 20 celcius? Well it is ... today was in the hight thirties.) Anyway, before that, Jeff was going out to do some shopping (including buying another present for me, as my mother had decided that the present her and jeff bought me for XMas wasn't enough ... akak CHEAP, so Jeff was going out shopping). For some reason, my mother insisted that I get up and go with him ... Um ... mum, he's BUYING MY FRIGGIN' XMAS PRESENT!!!! She didn't care - off I had to go. So, I drove my brother off to go shopping. My brother was furious, as he didn't need me to hold his hand. He also assumed she wanted both of us out of the house for some reason. My mother is a bit of a recluse, but she assumes that FORCING us out of the house is doing us good. Huh? He had a big rant about my mother using all the milk ... most days my mother normally complains about my brother using all the milk ... ah, the joy of being betweeen two idiots blaming each other. My brother decided NOT to get my present (seems I was there), but he needed some clothes. We also went food shopping for my mother. My brother decided to add a heap of junk food to my mothers list (as he figured it will save me going out duringthe week to buy that crap for her). We got back, and my mother attacked me again calling me lazy, as my brother was doing washing the dogs for her (and they really needed a wash), but I was waiting for the drill to charge up to make the picket fence. [Actually, I stuck down newspaper so the dogs wouldn't destroy the new wooden floor we'd put down] ... anyway, somehow that makes me lazy. About midday we were outside sweating, getting sunburn and making the fence for her. About two in the afternoon we took a break as I was feeling like I was going to faint. By about four we'd finished the fence, including cementing the bottom of the fences. About the only thing we haven't done is putting the gate on, but we have it in place at moment. We'll drill the hinges and stuff on tomorrow and hope that it will work. I had a funny moment today, my brother was complaining to me about some form of beef, he asked me what it was called ... like, I'M A VEGETARIAN, WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT BEEF!!!! It wasn't as funny as last night though, we were watching Futurama, and Bender had a Gaydar for detecting gay people ... it pointed right to where my brother was sitting. I teased him and said it meant he was gay. Bender said, 'Yep! Definitely Gay!' My brother got a little upset, but I couldn't stop laughing as it was pointing straight at him!!!!! :-) I felt so friggin' abused today. I worked so hard in the hot friggin' sun just because my mother was to impatient to wait one day (or possibly a week) for her picket fence to be put up. The fact that we still had the old metal fence was another factor. It's not like we needed the fence now. I was so thinking about moving back to Sydney! I've done so much here, putting a friggin' floor down, being the lawn mower, making the friggin' fence today, yet my mother still loves to make out that I friggin' lazy!!! She never ever says it about anyone else int he family, yet other than Jeff, none of them ever lift a friggin' finger to help her! FRIG! FRIG! FRIG! FRIGGIN' FRIG!!!!! I so want to move back to Sydney!!!!
I was a bit upset again today. Once again the US of A, the worlds most poluting country has refused to sign the Kyoto agreement under the grounds that it would make them loose money. Slick Willie (aka President Clinton ... remember him), was justifying the decision. I personally think that any nation who HAS signed Kyoto should just stop buying products from any nation who hasn't sign Kyoto. Nations like the US can signt he agreement and take on the same policy (after all, they can't be undersold by anyone who hasn't signed it then). I know Australia hasn't signed either. If my memory is correct, we were going to sign at one stage (in fact, it wouldn't mean much in Australia as we're practically complient in most areas), but the US told us not to. (See, we do have a President). Yesterday Scientists offered more evidence that the world is suffering due to global warming caused by human activity. Funny that one day the scientists are saying if we don't change the world will die, and the next day the US comes out to say they won't change because they want to make money. Hmmm, make money and kill the planet with everyone on it, or sign Kyoto and try to enforce it with a boycott on anyone not signing it ... I think to anyone on the planet it's a no brainer. Not the the US though. How can they call themselves the world leader when they are so recalcitrant and behind the rest of the world on simple things like SAVING THE WORLD!!!! I think it is a shame that the latest Australian Government follows the US in most of it's most recalcitrant policies. Our policies are in a time of flux where they keep changing to things from the nineteen fifties or before. We keep taking on US policies by the bucket load. No wonder most Australians beleive we're going to become a state of the US if John Howard can get a chance.