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01 December, 2005

NaNoWriMo Chapter 26

Moe was at one of the board meetings. They normally went for hours. Naoki was sitting at home bored. Kaede avoided him most days. She was still very nice, very cordial towards him, as though nothing had happened. Still, he could not get that night out of his head. Since moving in, he had been worried that Moe might find out about that night. While Moe was still attractive and close to his age, Kaede was young, firm in the right places, everything he still desired. He tried to fight his emotion. Deep inside he knew there was no fighting it though. He was more attracted to this young girl than he was to Moe. He wondered if there was still a chance for him to have both. Yet, there was this feeling inside him that he had what he wanted. He had one woman who loved him and adored him. Why risk it? Why throw it all away? Kaede was in her bedroom. She always was when they were alone at home together. When moe was there, she would behave normally, but when it was just the two of them, she was very distant. He walked to the end of the hallway. A little down the hall was Kaede's room. Should he risk it? Should he knock on her door? Why was she so distant lately? Was it her way of dealing with the temptation? Remove it from herself, then it won't happen again. Or maybe she just didn't find him attractive? But wait, he thought, she was the one who seduced me. She was the one who started this! Why was it so different now? He moved down the hall and stood outside her room. She must have noticed, or sensed something, as her music suddenly shut off. Did she know he was standing there? Was she in her room yearning for him now? Maybe she was in her room waiting for him, waiting for him to knock and go in. He meant to knock, but he did not. He just walked straight in to her room. She was lying on her bed, resting on one elbow, with her school books in front of her, and a pencil in her free hand. She was dressed in her pyjamas. Loose, almost see through light fabric with delicate flowers embroidered into it. 'I'm ... I'm sorry to interrupt. I just thought ... that,' Naoki's voice trailed off. He turned to leave and stopped. He sighed. He went to take a step out the door then changed his mind. Instead he shut it and went to her bed. He gently removed the books and placed them on the floor. He then sat down next to her. She didn't move. Her face showed no emotion. He began to run his fingers through her hair, then took her in his arms, and kissed her. There was no feeling. He was confused. Was she just going to let him do what he wanted as though she wasn't there? He looked deeply into her eyes. They looked at each other, looking deep into the windows of each others souls. Then she took the back of his head in her hand, and kissed him back. Two hours later, Moe arrived home. Naoki was still lying on Kaede's bed and heard the car come into the driveway. He leapt up, half startling Kaede who had been asleep in his arms. She gave him a stunned look as he grabbed his clothes and raced out the room. In his rush, he left her door open. Kaede had to get out of bed naked in order to close the door after him. She had only just shut it when she heard Moe opening the front door. Naoki had immediately jumped into his own bed pretending to be waiting for Moe. He had thrown his clothes into a chair that Moe kept in the corner of the room. He quickly looked in the mirror and straightened his hair. Moe headed straight for the kitchen. She had not eaten that day and was very hungry. 'Tadaima!' she called out, meaning, 'I am home.' No answer. 'Hey, where is everyone?' 'Haha, okaeri nasai,' said Kaede coming out of her room. 'Mother, welcome back.' She had placed her nightie back on and was also wearing a robe over the top of it. 'What did you eat for dinner, dear?' Moe asked. 'Unagi, rice, this and that,' Kaede replied. 'That's nice dear. What did Naoki eat?' 'I don't know. What's missing from the fridge?' 'I bet he hasn't eaten. I'll go talk to that man! He'd starve to death without a good women to feed him. Men! They're totally useless without women.' Moe walked down the hallway. She opened the bedroom door to find Naoki lying in his underpants on the bed with a rose between his teeth. He had grabbed the rose from a vase of them from the dressing table. He had bought the bouquet for her two days earlier. 'What are you doing?' Moe asked. 'Grrrrr, Baby. I am waiting for you to make mad passionate love' Moe laughed, 'You're crazy. Gurui! Come and get something to eat, it'll give you some more energy.' Naoki got back into his clothes and followed her into the kitchen. A good feed and two women in one night, Naoki thought. Does it get any better than this?