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09 December, 2005

Thesaurus - the dinosaur I can't find in a museum!

Dabido Visits a Museum. Act One, Scene One. Dabs: Hello, I want to see a Thesaurus. Museum Lady: Which one? D: Thesaurus. You have a thesaurus here? ML: We have many saurus. You mean the dinosaurs, right? D: I'm just wanting to see a Thesaurus. ML: Pick one. D: Pick one? ML: Yes, pick one. Which saurus do you want to see? D: I want to see Thesaurus. ML: Do you know any dinosaurs at all? D: Yes, I know the Brontosaurus. ML: Doesn't exist. D: Of course not, they're all extinct. ML: No, I mean the Brontosaurus doesn't exist any more. D: Well, that's because they all died. Duh! ML: No, you misunderstand, the Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus. D: Can I pat a saurus? ML: No, Apatosaurus. D: That's right, I want to pat a saurus. ML: No, you can't pat a saurus. The BRONTOSAURUS is now APATOSAURUS. D: Oh, sorry. So I get to pat a Brontosaurus. ML: NO! NO! NO! The Brontosaurus has been renamed! It's now called Apatosaurus. D: Because we get to pat them? ML: NO! You can't pat them. D: Then why did they rename them if we can't pat them? ML: It's a long story, but basically whoever finds a dinosaur fossil first gets to name them. It was discovered that the person who originally discovered the Brontosaurus had named it an Apatosaurus, so they've now changed the name. D: Because we get to pat them. ML: No, because someone else found it first! D: And he got to pat it? ML: No, he didn't get to pat it! It was dead already. D: Well duh! All dinosaurs are dead. I wasn't expecting to find a live dinosaur in a museum! ML: Well what did you expect to pat then? D: A Brontosaurus. ML: You can't pat a Brontosaurus! They're Apatosaurus. D: I'm confused! Where can I pat a saurus? ML: No! The name of the dinosaur is APATOSAURUS, but you are not allowed to pat them. D: Then why name them to give the impression that we can? ML: It's the name! It's APATO, not PAT A. You can't pat a saurus. D: But we can still look at them, am I right? ML: Yes, you can look at them. D: Good, I'd like to see a Thesaurus. ML: Which one? D: Thesaurus. ML: There are millions of them, which one do you want to see. D: Any of them. ML: It doesn't matter which one? D: No, not at all. ML: Why do you want to see a saurus? D: I want to look up another word for 'annoying idiot.' The Revised List:
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