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06 December, 2005

Still Waiting On Votes

I decided to post today - as it's really difficult not to. Well, still waiting on votes. 1/ Continue with NaNoWriMo story 2/ Continue with Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars 3/ Return to normal blogging services (aka the list plus others) I am considering starting the second draft of the NaNoWriMo story (which I might re-title 'Nacropolis') and send it off to a publisher to see if it makes it into print. (In which case, there might be a few free copies to send around ... I'm pretty uncertain that anyone was reading it anyway, in which case I'll stop boring everyone here and start to put people to sleep who pay for the privaledge!) :-) Since having air conditioning installed, my brother and I put more floorboards down. Now my mother says she can walk from the front of the house to the back on wood. We did the front entrance, and the hallway. I've also been doing the books for the business and trying to get my business software to work. I'll take it all into the city tomorrow as I need to see my bank (and they have only ONE branch in Perth). They didn't send me my card and when I phoned them they told me they never send them out, you have to get them from the branch! Waaah! More Zebra Crossing fun today. Rememebr the other day the lady drove down the Zebra crossing at me ... well, same zebra crossing (no zebra's using it though) and as I was crossing it, a car came screaming full pelt at me. I knew it couldn't stop in time, so I braced myself ready to get run over (I had a shopping trolley full of my mother's groceries, plus, being in the middle of the crossing there wasn't enough time to get to either side. I was working on the assumption the guy was aiming for me.) ... luckily the car in question turned just before he got to me. I wondered afterwards if the guy was deliberately trying to scare me or something. He must have known he was going to make the turn, but normal people slow downbefore turning a corner. If another car happened to come the other way, what would he have chosen to do, drive over me, or turn in front of the other car? Maybe I need to avoid THAT zebra crossing ... or is it that drivers see me and decide to ignore me if I am on any zebra crossing? I've been tracking Cello's on E-Bay. I keep bidding on them at $0.99 in the hope I can win one. They all seem to get up to the $100 mark (which is still cheap for Cello's). Then, I decided to branch out and have been bidding on Clarinets (I can play), Violins (I can't play), and a Chinese Lute (which I WON!!!! ... and can't play). I've also been bidding on guitars, but I don't need any. I'm looking forward to the Chinese Lute arriving so that I can learn to play it. I suggested drums to my mother. She suggested I place any drums I get some place they wouldn't make much noise ... I'll let you work that one out. We have two drummers already in the family - my elder brother and my younger brother Paul. Neither of them live here, so my mother is happy. The thought of going through years of drums banging out at all times of the day isn't very congenial to my mother. With my mother still recovering from her op, I've been her hands and legs (as she puts it), running around doing errands for her. She insisted on watching a B-Grade Sci-Fi Horror flick today, with me making jokes through half of it (while sitting here at the computer). I always find it funny that someone who is a 'scientist' in one area is considered an EXPERT in all areas of science in Sci-Fi flicks. You know how it is, the guys got a PhD in Rocket Science, so he is automatically a medical expert, expert on insects, expert on viruses, expert on geo-physics, expert on ancient mayan linguistics that the language experts haven't deciphered, but wow, ten minutes looking at the carvings and I've figured it out! I made a joke about it during the show, as they asked a guy about Flesh Eating Viruses ... the guy wasn't an expert in that area at all. One of the other people [who didn't know the 'scientist'] asked, 'Why are you asking him?' and the reply was, 'His a scientist from Los Angeles' To which I quiped, 'Yes, in LA we get lots of flesh eating viruses. Most work in Hollywood as agents.' Actually, I am surprised at how often a 'hero' in a Sci-Fi flick also happens to be a scientist in EXACTLY the right field needed for the story ... and they all just HAPPEN to be on holiday at the right time at the right place to be of use to save the world! Amazing. If I ever become a scientist, I'm going to make sure I pack 'World Saving' equipment for my next holiday, as I know those nasty viruses from space will arrive right on my Hawaiin Hotel Doorstep. Because you never know when you're going to need that large multi-million dollar piece of equipment for analysising Space bugs that your University allows you to take with you on all your holidays. 'Professor, are you sure you're not going to need this Space Mutant Virus analyser I'm taking?' 'No, no, go ahead, take it on your holiday. Have some fun, live a little.' 'Thanks Professor, it's going to look real cool on the front of my surfboard.' Yep! That's Hollywood movies for you! Fortunately, with Hollywood science, a mutant bug analysing machine is the same size and make as an Apple laptop. :-)