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02 December, 2005

Put Your Hand Up

I didn't post either story today. I'm not sure if anyone is still reading them. Put your hand up if you are reading the NaNoWriMo story. (aka, leave a comment). Put your hand up if you are reading the Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars (aka leave a comment too) Put up your hand if you want me to return to blogging about my usual stuff. (Which is another 'leave a comment' type thing). If I receive no votes, I'll run off and do a painting. TODAY Guys came to install two air conditioners. WOO HOO! My bedroom can now be cold in summer and warm in winter (as opposed to the other way round ... like it's been for the last two and a half or so years!) My mother has airconditiong in her bedroom! Woo hoo! She is happy too! My sister visited today and we had ANOTHER discussion regarding her 'hubby volunteering to put floor boards in the hall' type conversation. Well, my brother Jeff and I are about to do the halls tomorrow ... I suggested that she tell her hubby he can do the kitchen with tiles ... but she declined, as they don't have enough money to do any of those things! lol My Auntie visited yesterday and she has this thing where she likes to pretend she is upper class. Bungs on an accent to sound like the Queen (Elizabeth, not Freddie Mercury) and she always has to keep up with the Jones's. Upon hearing that I had bought my mother air conditioning, she said, 'Well, we're gettin air conditioning for our bedroom too.' My mother and I almost fell over laughing ... but we kept ourselves composed. My Auntie ALWAYS tells us what she is up to, and how better she is than everyone else etc ... so it was funny, as it's the first time EVER that she's mentioned air conditioning, so we know she's only going to get it as my mother has it. Air conditioning - it's really cool. (Oh dear ... I had to do that joke!) Acutally, I did my 'I'm keeping mum in stiches joke' and my sister laughed. See, the shotgun method of repeatedly telling the same joke to everyone does eventually get a laugh! ;-) Now to tell it to the other six billion people of the world and see if I can get another laugh. The Air Conditioning guys arrived at 7 Am this morning, and I had trouble sleeping last night. I got about one hour sleep - so today I read everyone's blogs and then had a sleep for an hour. This evening my brother and I got the floors ready for tomorrow's floorboarding by cleaning it, putting the plastic and underlay down. Gees, I'm starting to think I might be good at this handyman thing. I'm almost useful around the house. It's been a long time since I did a painting. I really am feeling the need to do one. I was checking out what was on sale at e-bay today and thought to myself, 'gees, I am so much better than most the crap people have for sale'. Even though I do like modern art (especilly surreal, abstrat impressionism et hoc genus omne), I have to admit, most of what I see in the galleries and on the net is just pure non-sense. It's funny that whenever I am in the mood to paint, I just don't have the time. Anyway, in spite of my one hour nap, I'm still very tired and I'm heading off to bed. Cheers.