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01 December, 2005

Should I Buy a Cello?

Perth drivers have a reputation for being the worst in Australia, and I saw another example of it today. I went shopping for my mother, as she's still recovering from an operation and everything, and as I walked back to my car, some stupid bitch DROVE DOWN THE ZEBRA CROSSING AT ME!!!! That's right. I was walking on the zebrea crossing and she DROVE DOWN IT. I had to leave the zebra crossing and walk where the cars are supposed to go in order to avoid being RUN OVER as the BIATCH just would NOT stop! TALK ABOUT FRIGGIN' STUPIDITY! I guess it just goes to prove my much toted theorem that the world is made up of two sorts of people, Stupid people and stupid people! Earlier, I took my mother to see her Doctor. The results were back from all the bits cut out of her, and it was good news. None of it had gone cancerous, so she is fine. Apparently the bits removed would hav egone cancerous in a few years, and her body was producing way too many hormones and stuff. So was all good news. I gave my sister an earful regarding her and her hubby volunteering to do the hall when they know Jeff and I were already going to do it. She agreed they remembered me telling them that etc etc, so I have that situation sorted out. (At least for now. In a few years they may claim it as their idea again ... doesn't matter now!) I'm trying not to buy anything before Xmas as I have no idea what I am getting. Nothing worse than someone buying you something and you then go and buy yourself the same thing ... so I am avoiding buying the Futurama Monster set (15 DVD's of everything), or the Kurosawa collection, or ... well anything! My brother Jeff did mention that I should buy a cello. Those who know me well enough (or may have read some of my comments on other's blogs) will know I used to play cello when I was younger. I'm no Jullian Lloyd Weber or anything ... in fact, I'm pretty much no where near that standard on the cello, but I occassionally like to think it will be good to take it up again (along with Saxaphone, clarinet, Oboe etc). The Cello looks good just sitting in the corner doing nothing too. Then again, maybe I should pull the flute out of the flute box and leave that lying around ... only, as most of you may have read, I own a flute, but have not got around to learning to play it at all ... well, maybe one or two notes ... but I'm not much better than a child has had one lesson or two. My brother Jeff found a guitar store flyer which had a cello for sale and suggested I buy it. It was the cheapest Cello I've ever seen. Only AUD$799. I don't think I've seen one for less than AUD$1000 before. (When I checked e-bay today, they had one for about $850). Then I thought, wouldn't it be good to build my own guitar, cello, lute, violin, viola etc etc. What a friggin' cool talent to hav eunder your belt. I know a lot of guitarists end up building their own guitars (been there, done that on the electric side of things), so it's not completely out of picture to build lutes, cellos etc. I might have to leave that as some sort of project for the future ... or maybe I should just buy one. lol All the work on the floorboards etc has been setting my allergies off and I've had some nasty nights sleep lately where I just can't breathe. I could probably go for a sleep right now. Nose bleeds, sneezing fits, blocked nose ... darn I hate these allergies! Time for more anti-histamines I think!!!!