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14 December, 2005

Your Japanese Name

Your Japanese Name Is...
Ren Kawashi
What's your Japanese Name? Thanks to CamelJoe (or should I say Doumo Arigato to CamelJoe), I now bring you my Japanese name from the Japanese name generator. Ren (where's Stimpy?) = Water Lily??? It's a girls name in Japanese!!! Waaah! Kawashi (I washed my car already!) = Nobel Family name I did it a second time and got: Matsu Askikaga Then: Ryoichi Hojo I think it just randomly churns out names!!! I think someone should try to match them closer to meaning ... like David = beloved. Is there a Japanese Boys name similar in meaning? I know two girls names Suki and Aiko which mean that ... boys name? Dai, which means beloved in Welsh is a Japanese name ... but what's it mean in Japanese? My Japanese name would normally be written in Katakana and be spelt Deibetto Sutibenson - why? Well, that's how it sounds to them in Japan.