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08 November, 2005

The Last Few Days

A quick update on what has been happening. As you know my old computer died. At first I thought it might have been my hard drive. For some reason my old computer could not boot up. I spent some good hours trying to fix it. I have since checked the hard drives using my new laptop and they are fine. I suspect the problem may have been caused by me overclocking the CPU. The computer is over four years old. I don't blame the poor thing giving up the ghost, but I will try to get it working again. I spent Monday being a chauffeur for my mother. Today I bought Red Dwarf II, Red Dwarf V, and House of Flying Daggers. I am wondering if the house really does have flying daggers in it! Or maybe the house has learnt to throw the daggers.

Anyway I'm hoping that it is a great movie because I now own it on disk. I am hoping to test some of my old games on Sony VAIO, in the hope that they will work on this machine.

Plus the Dragon Naturally Speaking software has made it very quick to get some information into the computer. In fact I'm getting better all the time at dictating. It's sort of funny not having to type. In fact I am wondering how long it will take to write my next novel.

I think once I have it working perfectly it won't take long at all. I'll tell you a quick story about the salesman. He was a very young boy, who was trying to be helpful. I could tell he was very new at being salesman. On both days he's tried to match wits with me regarding computers. I didn't want to shatter his confidence. He really did know much about what he was talking about.

I spent a bit of time talking to him today when I bought a laptop. We had a good chat about university degrees and network engineering in particular.

With my computer down yesterday I took the time to buy some scrapbooks and insert in the scrapbook a lot of my knickknacks from Europe. This included such items as the trip itinerary and information on places I stayed. One of the items was a Mars bar wrapper from France. Another item was I Golden Bear packet from Germany.

I had a lot Brochures from the Jungfraujoch. It brought back a lot of good memories. Specially concerning Mari, a young lass from Osaka.