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03 November, 2005

Crazy Dates I have been on Part II

We are coming to towards the end of the list of things for me to blog about. Soon, I will be back into sequels. Actually, Crazy Dates I have been on part II hasn't been done ... think I'll do that tonight. The Revised List:
  • How to burp tunes and blow bubbles out your nose.
  • Thesaurus - the dinosaur I can't find in a museum!
  • Tautology, repeatition, iteration, duplication - how I fill out my blog posts. :-)
  • Oxford, English Dic and Hary - worlds hardest book to follow the plot of!
  • Alien Abduction Tale Part III
  • The Art of Dumping a Girl You're Not Even Going Out With
  • Baggy Trousers – Why my balls still work!
  • Eddie – The guy who couldn't get a Date
Crazy Dates I have Been on Part II I've been on many dates with many different girls. Tonight I blog on one of the girls I was dating at one stage. We actually did a little bit of dating. We went to see Miss Congeniality together (She chose the movie). That was cool by me. Everything was going well. Actually, the funny thing about this date, was after the movie, I was waiting for her to come out of the ladies room. I'd already been into the mens room to remove the large amount of coke I'd consumed! (EXTRA SUPER DUPER SIZE ME PLEASE!) I'd also tried removing all the chocolate from the choctop (Choclate covered Ice Cream) I'd dropped on my jumper! (I'm so FAT, it never even had a chance to HIT the floor! Woo hoo!) Well, she came out of the ladies room, and the funny thing was, instead of ME, she headed straight over to another guy! Funny thing was, this was another guy from work. I always suspected that she had a crush on this guy. Though this guy was married (and I had heard his wife looked like a model). Anyway, she just ignored me and headed straight over to him and started to talk! Waaaah! Hey! I'm here! Babe! I'm OVER HERE! .... okay ignore me, I'll come to YOU!!!! So I wandered over to them. Nice to know she didn't even stop to say, 'Hey, that's ****, let's go talk to him!' She just acted as though we weren't even together. I wonder if she was ashamed to have been with me!!! Waaah! [Must be the chocolate on the jumper! What a slob!!!] Well. As people go, we got to talking and everything. You know how it is. You share intimate details and everything. One of the things she told me about was some absolute MONGREL her sister had been dating. Being Chinese, her sister was the eldest and expected to look after her mother in later life. Unfortunately, this BF she was dating convinced the elder sister to move in with him. The elder sister basically said to my date, 'Screw Mum! She's your responsibility!' So my date was considerably upset over the whole thing. On top of that, her sisters BF would always have bad things to say about her and would always pretend that she'd offended him in some way. He'd make up stories about her and tell her sister. This drove a rift between her and her sister which she resented. As sisters they'd been pretty close and now, it was as though that closeness had never existed! Well, on our final date, we went to the PC show together (being GEEKS and all). One of the reasons I haven't mentioned her name is she might be reading this blog. We're still in contact ... anyway ... this post might get me into trouble ... we'll see! She can't complain that it isn't the truth though ... she can only tell me off for revealing stuff ... and as I haven't revealed her name, no one knows who she is!!! ;-) So, we went to the PC show together. We're looking around, having a good geeky time (as geeks do at such shows) and we go around a corner. I suddenly spot this guy I used to work with. Actually, when I say we used to work together, he worked in the liquor part of the a store my ex-wife used to work in. I used to do Night Fill there at one stage. Actually it was just before and then for a long time after my ex decided to run off with another guy. (Yeah yeah! We've all heard that story Dabido! No need to rave on about it!) Well, the funny thing about this guy, was I used to talk to him a bit whenever I was on a break or needed to buy some Scotch for a party. He'd apparently been dating this Asian Girl ... and as we all know, Dabido [me] has a preference for asian cuties of the female variety. As I was single by this stage, we'd get to talking about his GF and all. Apparently, he'd tell me about the problems he used to have with his GF's crazy younger sister!!! Flash forward to the PC show! We go around the corner - I see this guy! He sees me! I go to speak to him, when the girl I am with grabs me and races me along! 'Wait! I know that guy!' I say to her. 'No! No! We can't stop! My sisters Boy Friend is there! I don't want to talk to him!' 'Um, which one? I just wanted to speak to that guy Andy. I used to work with him.' 'No! I don't want you going back!' 'Um, okay.' So we go on. (See how nice I am. I completly shun a guy I know just for my date!) :-) We spend the rest of the time at the show having a look around and everything. After the show though, she suddenly went very cold on me. It was our last date. Whenever I suggested a movie or anything, she'd always refuse! No matter what I said, no matter what I suggested she'd never tell me WHY we'd suddenly stopped dating! NOR would she date me again. I suspect it was because her sisters BF and the guy I knew, 'Andy', was one and the same guy! I could never get her to tell me if she knew him or not! WHICH GUY WERE WE AVOIDING THAT DAY???? DID I KNOW THE GUY??? WAS IT ANDY????!!!!! Was she trying to stop me from finding out information about her from Andy? Or was she trying to stop Andy from telling lies about her to me, because she was afraid I'd become contaminated with his rumours??? Or did she just hate the guy and didn't want me talking to him ever!!! Or was she afraid I'd tell Andy stories he'd tell her sister!!! Either way it was sort of weird! Everything had seemed to be going well, and all of a sudden that one incident changed everything!!! Even if we were only friends, I was suddenly at arms length and not allowed near her!!!! Well, I always believed she had her reasons. I spoke to the guy from work that she had spoken to at that first date. (The Miss Congeniality movie) and he told me to keep trying. He said Chinese girls often want you to prove you are worthy by constantly chasing them etc. [I take his word for it, seems as he was Chinese]. I didn't think he was right. I think she'd been spooked by something and that was why we went from being friends [movie buddy's] to suddenly being aquaintences!!! No matter what way I look at it, I can't pin point anything I'd done wrong (unless she was really against that spilt chocolate on my jumper from the first movie). :-) Still, my curiosity can't help but wonder what it was!!!!