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06 November, 2005

Eddie – The guy who couldn't get a Date!

Revised List: How to burp tunes and blow bubbles out your nose. Thesaurus - the dinosaur I can't find in a museum! Tautology, repeatition, iteration, duplication - how I fill out my blog posts. :-) Oxford, English Dic and Hary - worlds hardest book to follow the plot of! Alien Abduction Tale Part III Baggy Trousers – Why my balls still work! Jungian 'collective unconscious' Versus Hegel's World Spirit thingy (The real deathmatch you wanted to watch!) Crazy Dates I have been on Part III Eddie – The guy who couldn't get a Date! It was 1978, and I was young and never had a serious GF before. One of my friends Eddie was going out with a young lassie named Marie. Not sure what everyone saw in Marie except that she was blonde. Well, they had a weird sort of relationship where they'd get jealous and break up, and then get back together again. Most girls in the school like Eddie, as he was French. I have no idea why that made him hot, but the girls seemed to think it was so, and he seemed to beleive it too. Well, we all used to sit next to each other in French class. I think Marie was using Eddie just to pass French. Eddie, being French was quite good at the subject. I was also pretty fine at the subject and the small group of us that used to sit together were okay as a group. (There was about eight of us). Somewhere along the line, Steve (another guy) and Eddie had some major break up and a fight took place after school. Steve was an English guy, but wasn't a member of the skinhead groups that used to roam the school and local neighbourhood beating the crap out of the Greeks, Italians and Aussies (such as myself). Anyway, in the is fight, apparently Steve totally creamed Eddie. Not sure what it was about. (Steve later told me it was just because Eddie was a complete pr*ck ... which didn't answer the 'why?' question. After all, there are many differnet ways that you can be a complete pr*ck!) So, Marie, Eddie, Marie's friend (who's name I can't remember) and I moved to another table and left Steve, Gerard and the others in the group to have our usual table. There was a school dance over a month away, and Marie and Eddie set me up with a girl named Lynn to go to the dance. Lynn wasn't too good looking, but I liked her as she was interesting and down to earth. We weren't BF/GF, but we were planning on going as a couple. Somewhere along the line Eddie and Marie had one of their usual break ups. Only this time it was for good. Eddie just assumed they were going to get back together. Marie was adamant they wouldn't. What ended up happening, was Marie needed someway to pass French. Suddenly, I found Marie making advances on me. Not sure if she felt anything else, but I'm pretty sure that's all it was. Being young, naive and well ... flattered by this girls advances, I agreed to go out with her. (Yes, she asked me out). Suddenly, I had a GF, and Eddie was out in the cold. Thsi sort of p***ed Eddie off no end. After all, even though they'd broken up, (and I'm pretty sure it was Eddie who dumped Marie this time), he felt that Marie was HIS GF regardless. So, I had made an instant enemy. Eddie kept trying to break me and Marie up. He got other people to 'tell me off' for stealing his GF and stuff. Eddie kept insisting that there wasn't enough time to get a GF for the school dance. I suggested that since I was now with Marie, that he take Lynn to the dance. He refused as he said Lynn was UGLY!!! (Which was funny, as he thought she was okay when he set me up to take her to the dance!!!) Well, the dance was still over a month away. Eddie was also popular with the girls. THere was no reason he couldn't take someone if he bothered to ASK. He still insisted that MARIE was going to be his date, and insisted that she was actually his GF. After a while, Eddie really didn't have any comebacks to my logical arguements as to why he needed to stop being a pr*ck towards me and Marie. So he cooled it and stopped harasing us. Marie and I settled into a normal sort of GF/BF relationship. She was the first girl who kissed me in a romantic sort of a way, and was also the first girl I gave a ring to. Somewhere along the way though, Marie got it in her head that she needed to join a group of girls who were known as 'The Mole Patrol'! These girls were basically Female Skinheads and dressed like tarts and wore makeup in ways that make up was not ment to be worn. Using trowels to slap it on is an offense to nature, but these girls used to do it. Now don't get me wrong on these girls. It's not like they were 'evil' or even 'unnice'. They just had some bad habits when it came to dress sense and make-up and beating the crap out of other girls (and some boys for that matter). Anyway, years later I became good friends with one of them named Angela. In fact, she'd mellowed by that stage and wasn't beating the living daylights out of anyone, and most of her 'mole patrol' friends had left school to pursue other things. (Like beating up police officers and robbing banks) :-) For soem reason, Marie got it in her head that being a 'member' of the 'mole patrol' would be a good thing. She saw them as ... um ... bad girls who didn't take crap from anyone, where as she still played with barbie dolls and other girlie things. So, it suddenly became important that 'WE' [yes, me and her], become members of this group. Now admittedly, if I joined this group of skinheads, I probably would have got a lot of protection at school rather than being the punching bag I would spend the rest of my days there being. BUT, it went against everything in my nature. Marie told me what 'WE' had to do to join this group. FIRST, we both needed to be smokers. SECOND, you needed to be in a BF/GF relationship (well, we had that covered). THIRD, we needed to hang out in the local alleyways during school hours, skip class, and harass people using the alleyways on the way to school and home. Fourth, basically be bad asses at school beating up the little folk (hey, that's me!!!) and telling teachers were to go. Basically, you were expected to get suspended at least once a term! I told her 'NO'. Not me! No Way. BYE BYE! She went off to join the group, but she had a problem. She needed a BF ... and I wasn't going to play ball. So a weird thing happened. She started seeing a guy named Paul (Bluey) behind my back, and was always pretending to be the ever faithful GF when we were in class together. So I told her she was dumped. This caused Eddie to gloat a little. 'HA! HA! Now you know how I feel!' 'You'll never get a date before the school dance.' BUT, he was still blaming me for the fact that HE DIDN'T HAVE A DATE FOR THE DANCE!!!! Well TOUGH FRIGGIN' LUCK EDDIE. GO ASK SOMEONE!!! In the meantime, I had fallen head over heals for Stacey. I've written about Stacey before ... my first ever true love. [Those who read often will remember she was the one who always used to hide form me when we were going out etc etc] Doesn't matter. Important thing was, I MANAGED TO GET A DATE BEFORE THE DANCE. EDDIE WAS STILL P***ED AT ME THAT MARIE WAS NOT GOING WITH HIM!! 'Well Eddie, you can date her now if you want!!' I'd tell him. 'No way man! She's part of the "mole patrol", I ain't dating her NOW!!!' 'Fine. Don't blame me that you don't have a date!' On top of that, after Marie and I broke up, Lynn also was wondering if I was going to take her to the dance. So I was sort taking her between Marie and Stacey. Once I was with Stacey though, poor Lynn was once again without a date. Come the night of the dance, everyone (well, everyone in my story) had a date ... except Eddie. Eddie,t he guy who had the LONGEST time of all of us to find a date was DATELESS!!! How can a guy who was popularity with the girls NOT FIND A DATE???? Anyway, Eddie forever blamed me for the fact that he didn't ahv a date for that dance, and whenever he found out that I liked a girl, or was going to ask one out, he'd always go out of his way to ask her out first. It became very annoying, but apparently he was trying to teach me a lesson. If that lesson was how to dump girls in order to punish someone for his own mistakes, then I'm afraid I never learnt it. I wonder if he's still out there blaming me for any marriage breakups his had recently?