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08 November, 2005

Dragon Naturally Speaking

The other day I bought Dragon Naturally Speaking software. I'm still trying to get it to understand me correctly. It seems to be getting better and better. In fact this entire post is being written using the software. So if you find any spelling mistakes it's because the software has not understood what I have said. I have found that I need to speak with a better British accent in order for the software to understand what I'm saying. In fact if my elocution improves it's probably because of the software. The software has a little bit of difficulty at times. The next group of things that I'm going to say will be without correction.

I find whenever I ask it to go to bottom airtight out at Goater bottom. On not sure why does this. After all to go on to bottom is actually correct and that this software were as Goater bottom I have no idea what it means . Does anybody understand what at Goater bottom is? Hopefully eventually it will understand me correctly. It's supposed to be able to put in, is that I find it rarely does that. In fact it doesn't seem to be up to differentiate between putting a Conran Mitel is likely putting in a,. I had a little bit of fun before when I told to go to a per capita typing the word new line as you can see his son with this seems like due Baruch. That last sentence was: as you can see some of this seems like gibberish. I have no idea why he it gets something is so wrong.

It doesn't like on my Australian accent! So I often must speak with a British accent. I am hoping that eventually this will save me a lot of time with all the things I need to tighten.

So where as before my disk next year this can made some comments seem like gibberish, now my new speaking software will do the same!!! Disk next year equals dyslexia! I'm not sure what else to talk about! This letter there is a lot of fun and eventually I think I will get a lot of use out of it! Going badly and had fixing things is a high annoying at the moment but hopefully the software will start to get things correct!

Let's try some foreign languages! Tesco say! That was supposed to be French. Let's try that again: Tesco say and and work. Digital today she slipped on a rock star! Echoed that totally run! It got that to lead wrong!

The hour mark ulama. You are. The art. The hour. Dispel this ma choose Mark that it cheers Mark. Why and he. Why he and he

I able now start correcting things again. It just gets too confusing. In fact, I have trouble spelling my own companies name. I wonder if I can eventually get it to spell the company name. Y 80 M. a.

Hmm, that is the closest I can get to a spelling gamma curve are! I guess I'd better typing it in. YAMA KUMA!!! I am going to have some dinner. Hopefully there will be no Goater bottom in my meal. I guess this is sort of a painful way to write but it does save some time even with the mistakes and the corrections.

Hopefully this software will enhance my ability to write a novel much quicker. Now off to dinner!