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03 November, 2005

Okay Stupid Cupid!!!

I enjoy doing the good old Okay Cupid test as much as the next person, but one of the problems I find with some of the tests is they often have questions which just can't be answered ... like this one! You find out your lover is dissatisfied in bed. Your perfectly fine, but you wonder whats up. What do you do? Obviously written by someone who doesn't understand my personality type! I A FLIPPIN' PHLEGMATIC! If my partner isn't satisfied in bed THEN I'M NOT SATISFIED IN BED!!!! There is no way I could possibly be PERECTLY FINE!!!! I have to get the other person off or else I CAN'T GET OFF!!!! I CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION IF THEY AIN'T GETTING SATISFACTION! Which is probably a good reason for me not to marry another Phleggy, as we'd sit in bed trying to convince the other that they need to receive their pleasure first!!! 'No dear, I'll get you off first.' 'Oh, I'm all right dear. Let's do you first.' 'No, I can't allow you to do that. Let me excite you.' 'No! No! Let me excite you!' 'No, I have to excite you first.' 'Look, let me give you pleasure!' *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* [Neighbours voice through the wall] 'WILL BOTH OF YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!! JUST SERVICE YOURSELVES!! ANYTHING! JUST SHUT THE FRIGGGG UP!!!!!!' Yes, it will be a long night before either even get to the foreplay! Actually, getting back to the 'Okay Cupid' thing, I've done some pretty shocking tests on that site (and other sites) before which lead to meaningless conclusions. Every now and then you run into a well organised one which has been actually based on something psychological or theoretical. Or even one which has just been plain well thought out. It's the ones which ask a question and then some choices which just don't fit! You're on a plane and it starts to crash. Do you: 1 - take a boat 2 - hump the stewardess 3 - sing songs 4 - go to another planet HUH???? How about getting into the crash position and PRAYING!!!! Or they ask a question like: You get caught cheating on your partner. Do you: And you are hoping there is a N/A there, as you'd never cheat. Instead you are given a choice of something like: 1 - Tell her where to go 2 - keep bonking the person you're with 3 - you don't care 4 - nothing And I'm left wondering ... why did that person give all the answers which would really fit only one or two of the personality types ... what about BEGGING FORGIVENESS or CRY or ASK HER TO JOIN IN or PRETEND YOU ARE SLEEP WALKING or SUDDENLY SCREAM 'OH NO! YOU'RE NOT MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER!' or ... well there are so many possibilities. Okay, it's true that some tests are deliberately made so that they MAKE an outcome occur. Or they are written by people as a joke (in which case accuracy probably isn't that important). I just get tired of trying to do these long test where you get fifteen questions into a twenty question test and have to chose between a few answers that just don't fit. Actually, some of the worst are the ones which make you answer ten or more questions and only have two outcomes. If they were written well enough, every question should reveal something and the more questions there are, the more outcomes there should be. Anyway, I just had to write that as I was in the middle of a quiz and can't get any further! There is NO CORRECT ANSWER PRESENT TO CHOSE!!!