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02 November, 2005

Another Reason Why I don't Believe in Horoscopes! :-)

I've said before (and I'll repeat myself just for the sake of clarity), that I do not believe in horoscopes. I do occassionally read them, but only because I know they sometimes sandwich good advice in as a pretense to telling your future. Most of the time it's vague enough to mean almost anything, but often that can also lead you to making decisions on things you've been avoiding. Its also sometimes a good thing to read, as it will remind us of something we've forgotten. Some of it's advice is often specific about something rather common sense, and though we all like to think we have common sense, often we forget ourselves and get over confident or berate ourselves way too much. Of course, I'm sure I could write a computer program to dispense the same sort of advice, but it is often fun to think it's coming from someone who may or may not even know what they're talking about. Unfortunately, I don't think today's is much help. Gemini The best time to tell them your feelings is when you know they can handle the truth. Whether you're aware of it or not, your mission now is to get connected with a new friend or admirer -- the one who's been so obvious about getting to know you. If you bump into someone well dressed, well traveled and financially comfortable, do introduce yourself, especially if you're single; but if you're not on the market and your sweetie's arms have been crossed for over an hour, remember that you've always been skilled in conversation, which is the first step toward charming your way back into someone's heart. Start chatting! Tell WHO, WHAT FEELINGS???? I have a new friend or admirer??? Where is she???? Actually, I just had a sudden fear - there was this gay guy who tried to pick me up the other day ... NAAAH!!!!
Oh, my mother went to the Dentist and got her tooth fixed (the one which had the filling fall out of the other day). So that's pretty good. Now she can say Suckering Succotash without sounding like Sylvester the Cat!!!! Actually, I'm sitting here not doing my homework like I am supposed to. I excel at procrastination. If only I could get a job in it! :-) Yesterday, I didn't do my homework, and I got up an hour early this morning, rushed it and forgot to do the second half!!! I got to the course, and sudenly realised the others (who didn't do their homework either) were working on finishing their second parts! ARGH! So I raced and finished it ... fortunately, as Kelly (the trainer) was setting up the presentation (see earlier post tonight), he was ten minutes late. I actually FINISHED my homework! Tonight I am repeating last nights avoidance of homework. Kelly said it should only take FIFTEEN minutes. He might be right. Especially as I alreayd have a godo idea about what I am going to do. That's one of the reasons I was able to finish yesterday's homework in a rush, I already had my little brain ticking over before I got home. There is one thing my brain is good at working on, and that is problems I'm not actually physically doing something about. My subconscious does some of the work, and the conscious part often has things running as well. So tonights Homework was running in my mind a little while ago while I was finding other things to do to avoid it! There is always so much to do in life that I can't stop. Okay, I do occassionally get bored, but it's not because there isn't anything to do, it's normally because what is left to do I am bored with. My brain is always on the look out for new challenges and new experiences! Actually, speaking of that, I probably should speak about the games I bought the other day ... here is a quick ratings system - one a scale of 'Thumbs Up' , 'Okay', 'Ptttth' and 'TOTAL CRAP' here are the games rated: Game / Rating / Comment Celtic Kings / Pttthhh / Interaction a little like Dark Reign - except set in time of Celtic Kings. Bored me after a while as not much really happening - not enough variety in the missions. The actual format wasn't too bad, and I am sure some people might actually like this. Lack of 'speaking parts' as well. Most is read off the screen in text. I have a feeling somewhere buried in this might have been the makings of a good game. Some of the concepts may have worked given better treatment. Patrician II / NOT RATED / Couldn't get this to work. Went to the website and downloaded the patch, and then it still wouldn't work, but with a different error! I hope to discover some way to make this piece of crap work in the future. Maybe when I get my laptop! Legion / TOTAL CRAP / Not very good game. Very little to do in the city screen. When battles occur, you are allowed to position the Legions you have, but once the battle begins, you can't command them. They basically march forward (or stay), but there is NO way you can tell them to disengage, or not to attack the enemy unit they decide to attack. It would be nice to be able to actually command them rather than sit and watch them do their own thing. Had to load the patch to get it to work. Golf Resort Tycoon / TOTAL CRAP / Probably cutting edge at one stage ... nah, who am I kidding. It was another one of these games whcih tried to cash in on the 'TYCOON' title, and never made it into the same realms as Theme Park, Railway Tycoon, Transport Tycoon, or any of the better type of games simulating business. I tried it and was a millionaire so easily it wasn't funny. I had a 5 star resort in no time flat and was bored once I'd built every thing which could be built! Nothing to do after that. Gave up! Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon / PTTTTHHHH / Actually, luck I am not giving it the TOTAL CRAP rating. Probably because there was more of a challenge to it than the other games. Not easy to master, but a lack of variety in what can and can't be done really hampers this game. On top of that, if you are waiting for something to occur, then you have no way of speeding up or sloing time down! I got bored when I was waiting for income of for loans to be paid off. (Oh, no way to pay off loans early!!!) I'm surprised Donald let his name be attached to this. Europa Universalis II / Thumbs Up / I've already commented on this in great detail. I found a patch, but it didn't solve the 'freezing' problem I had encountered. I did notive though, that it didnt' freeze as often, and I've had a great time playing Spain in the 'BIG CAMPAIGN'. Also, I'd like a way in this game to pay off loans early if I have the money!!!! If they make a third one in the franchise I'd like to see it. I feel there are some aspects they can add to in the future (and they probably have some ideas I haven't even thought of!) Everything else is good, and it's been a real challenge in some parts. I've mentioned before, it's a strategy game, so is not everyones cup of tea. BUT, if you do like strategy, it's good. (I feel a little funny playing Spain, as I own a large chunk of Africa, and haven't even got to Mexico or South America yet!!!! It's 1550 AD already!!!!) :-) Still to load and play O*R*B and Jagged Alliance II, so look out for their reviews in a later post. Patrician II might get a review if I can get it to work on something! I hate games which don't work on normal machines!!!! I have a feeling it might be a very good game if I can get the bloody thing to work!!!!