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02 November, 2005

Big Launch Today

We had the big launch today at the PCYC of the Microsoft UPS program. We had the Mayor, the BIG Police people, a Microsoft representative, Smith Family Represtentatives, Jishin Academy Training (Kelly - he does Work Place Training and Assessment, as well as being a Judo Coach). Anyway, I got the PC's fired up and stuff and they crammed everyone into the training rooms etc. I'd asked yesterday if I needed to wear a suit, and I was told to come casual ... so I did. I was in jeans and severely underdressed!!!! Grrrrr! We had a video presentation (which had been put together by Kelly from Jishin) and all went really well. There were speaches etc, where even little ol' me got a mention! Actually, Chas asked if my company was pronounced 'Yam-a kum-a' and I said, 'Yeah' and later realised, Um, No ... it's pronounce 'YaHMaH KooMaH' Stoopid Baka Bodoh Dabido! Can't even pronounce his own companies name right. The really stoopid thing about that, is my Mentor had rejected me calling the company 'D'Elven MacKnell' as he thought it was too hard to pronounce ... now I realise, NOBODY IN FRIGGIN' AUSTRALIA CAN PRONOUNCE YAMA KUMA RIGHT!!!!!! FRIG !!! FRIG !!! FRIG !!!! AND EVEYOEN KEEPS CALLING ME DAVE!!! I HATE BEING CALLED DAVE!!!! MY NAME IS DAVID!!!!!!! BLAH!!!!!! The stoopid thing abou tthat, is I ws originally asked if I prefer David or Dave, and I TOLD THEM DAVID!!!!! THEN THEY GO AND IGNORE IT!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! But, all that complaining aside, it was good that I got a mention! :-) We were invited out for food and stuff, but I raced back to my course (which we'd moved from the training room to the Gym Hall). Then, Kelly had to come and get me, as I was needed for a photo shoot. I was in one photo with the Mayor, Kelly, the guy from the Smith Family, and the guy from Microsoft. I have no idea if it is going into the Councel Newsletter or the local paper or WHAT!!!! So I look forward to seeing it in some publication (or maybe I'm too ugly and they'd destroy all copies of that photograph!!!) Anyway, the photographer got my NAME and NOT my Company Name!!!! FRIG!!! No free advertising!!! I hoe they friggin' get it right that i am te one who set up the networks (yes, more than one) and will be one of the facilitators!!! If not, how will they explain my presence. I also hope that they don't show the bottom of my jeans, as I was wearing them turned up at the bottom! Stupid DABIDO!!!!!!!!!! [Oh, I should probably explain a little about what you can call me! These names are acceptable:
  • David
  • David-Lee
  • Dabido
  • Deibetto
  • Dabs
  • Dab
  • Bear
  • Little Bear
  • Mr Hair Bear Bunch (I get that from my friend Adam)
NOT DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry ... I'm never Dave ... there is always many David's and Daves around. We had SEVEN in my year Eight Science Class, and I was NOT DAVE!!!! THAT WAS FOUR OF THE OTHER GUYS!!!! To differentiate me from the other Davids, I was either David-Lee or David. I HATE BEING CALLED DAVE!!!! THAT'S SOME OTHER GUY!!!!] So, I hope that clears that up. I am so putting a NOTE on my album cover that I am David-Lee "Don't call me Dave" Stevenson. Oh, that's if I ever get to releasing any of my recordings as an album!!! I have so much work on right now, it may be a LONG LONG time before I get to anything like that!!!! Anyway, was a good launch today. They ate all the food provided (which was a shame, as we were promised that it was going to be over catered for and that we'd have a free lunch ... but there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH - and so the guys doing the course and I all missed out on the free lunch! Though I could have hung around and hob nobbed!!! But I wanted to get my course done!!!!) Have to go watch some TV and do my homework now. Only two days left and I get another piece of PAPER!!!! More paper to keep the fires going in winter!!! :-)