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08 November, 2005

Apologies - Main Computer Died!

Hi Everyone, my apologies for not blogging yesterday. Had every intentino of doing so, but my computer DIED!!! Waaaah! At present am blogging from my BRAND NEW SONY VAIO with 1GB RAM Woo Hooo! This baby ROCKS!!! Was intending to buy a laptop for my business anyway (to use as a sniffer/scanner etc) in order to solve networking issues. Well, have purchased it slightly early. I'll have to fiddle a little with the settings, as it's looking rather pale already!!! lol Actually, I had to take the one off the shop floor in order to have it by today. Still, it's working like a dream, and not like a nightmare! lol I've already contected it up to ensure my old machines hard drives are fine ... and they are. All data is still present on them, so no need to break out the back-ups yet. I have faith that i can fix the old machine up and get it in tip top condition once again in the near future. Having a bit of fun trying to get used to the new keyboard layout, as it's not the same as my old machine. ANYWAT, will have an update again today (I hope) after I spend some time mucking around with this baby!!! :-)