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06 October, 2005

One of those FRIGGIN' Nights

It's one of those friggin' nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to print out my business plan (as it's required first thing in the morning), and it had somehow reverted to the TEMPLATE!!!! Now how the frig that happened, I'll never know! FRIGGIN' WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd sent hours FRIGGIN' typing it out and everything - day after FRIGGIN' day - and NOW IT'S LIKE I NEVER DID A SECOND OF FRIGGIN' WORK ON IT!!!! ... Do I sound a little P***ED OFF???????????? Well I friggin' am ... and rightly so! I'm sort of lucky. I do have most of it in printed form already - and the rest I have as hand written notes. THAT'S NOT THE POINT THOUGH! How the frig does a business plan suddenly revert to the original template? Looks like another all nighter for me! Why do I feel like I am back at University?!!!!