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07 October, 2005


Okay, today is October the 7th, and as I promised, this is KY pimping day. Now admittedly, the day is almost over, but I was rather busy - on top of that, KY said he didn't need pimping. That's probably true, after all, look at all the cute girls that he gets to pimp. Probably his cast offs! Of course, he may have a GF that I don't know about or something ... I'll pimp him anyway. Young ladies HERE is KY's SITE!!! What can I say to advertise him ... well, he seems pretty intelligent. He can make you a nice koi pond - check out his posts on building that. I suspect, any man who can build a koi pond, can probably do just about anything. He also likes to do funny drawings and stuff. So he's a funny guy. His friends seem to be extremely loyal type people, whcih says a lot about his character. If they are loyal to him, he must have substance. Now, go to his site and ask him for a date. Tell him Dabido sent you. :-) [Unless he seems upset, then tell them it was someone else sent you!] :-) Now, KY might kill me if he finds out I pimped him anyway ... if you are nice cute girl go to his site. Pick him up! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :-)
Today was pretty boring. After last nights loss of my business plan, which has only taken TWO FRIGGIN' WEEKS to write, I was pretty shaken! I ended up going to bed at about midnight (which isn't unusal), but was extremely depressed. This morning I wasn't sure if I should cry, laugh or kick the FRIG out of everything on the planet!!! I set the alarm for 6:30 AM and spent a few hours this morning writing as much as I could! Hardly made a dent in it. (After all, I've been writing it during the course ... at night ... on the weekend. Was a lot to rewrite!) I turned up at the course and had to explain to the lecturer what happened! OUCH! He was pretty cool about it though and organised a thumb drive for me to use. I spent the entire day writing it all out again! And re-writing bits ... and still can't think of a name for the business!!! Arrrgh! Anyway, that makes for a pretty boring day - sitting in front of a computer typing! To make it even more borign I'll go into more minute detail about the typing - first, i started off touch typing - and was surprised to find I could still do it! Then, as I concentrated more on getting it right, I became worse and worse ... whcih made me self conscious about it and I noticed what I was doing more, which made me type even worse! So I gave up on the touch typing! Next time I won't think so much! Ggggrrrr! I went back to my 'almost touch typing' technique which I normally employ at the best of times! The funny thing being, I often don't look at what I am typing when I use this method, but it's all wrong, as my fingers are never kept in the correct positions and I used them more loose than they should and seldom use the little fingers ... just the other three on each hand (and the right thumb for the space bar). Maybe it's the drunk monkey technique of typing! Well, I had a good chat with Seanpol (who is the narcaleptic guy who'd doing web design). Being the two techies in the group, I guess we have a lot in common. We also realise we could indirectly compete against each other (with him able to do the network side of Server support and me being able to do the server support side of networking). During lunch I ran into Chas from the PCYC who will be employing me and my business in a few weeks to set up and install their training network! Good to see him ... oh that reminds me, as I was driving out the driveway this morning, I received a phone call. As I was driving, I couldn't anser my mobile. So when I got to my course, I phoned them back. It was Kylie from the PCYC. Apparently there had been a glich with the computers. When I ran into Chas I mentioned this. He then pointed out that he was on holiday, so hadn't known about the computer problem! OUCH! Hope I didn't get Kylie into trouble! Eeeeeh! That's about all my day has been. Rewriting business plans ... and now this. (And I'll head over to the usual blogs to see what's happening). :-)