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26 September, 2005

What's Dabido up to now?

As I am studying for my Cert IV in Business Management at present, I'll make this really quick. Yeah, getting my Business Plan together and a Marketing Strategy which both need to be complete by tomorrow. Marketing has to be implimented on Wednesday - I'm a little scared at the prospect, but isn't that what makes life worth while, doing something which scares you and coming out on top. No wonder I love Rollercoasters! I hope, if I ever get together with a girl sometimes in the future, that they too like rollercoasters! I mean real ones that you go on at theme parks - not the one life is made from. Life's rollercoaster is compulsory, whether you like it or not! :-) I'm not sure why, but Blogger isn't uploading my pictures. I was trying to add three to the site - One of Douglas Adams book, 'The Salmon of Doubt'. I'v ejust finished reading it today, and thought I'd stick the picture here, and write a little about it ... for those that don't know, 'The Salmon of Doubt' was published post-humously (that means after he died, not after a joke ... after a joke is post humourously). It contained the start of the book he was working on called 'The Salmon of Doubt', which is a Drik Gently detective novel. This is left to last, while the front quarter or so of the book consists of articles published and other work unpublished which were sitting around on his beloved Mac waiting to be placed in book form. It's a good read and and Hitchhiker Fans would (IMHO) love to read it. Those people not familiar with Adams writing should probably start with the book 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'. Read it before seeing the movie. They are ... um ... different. The second picture I was trying to upload, was of the book 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. That's what I'm going to start reading tomorrow. I've actualyl visited Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam, which is now a museum. If you are ever in Amsterdam, then definitely drop in and have a look. I probably should also have tried uploading one of my photo's from outside the house (which I took in September 2000). Oh well, no pictures today, blogger doesn't love me any more! :-) Third picture was of Everclear's album 'So much for the Afterglow', which I was about to start listening to. The other three books I am currently reading are all 'Small Business' Management or Marketing books, and as such, not really that exciting. I'm also gettign stuck into my course notes and trying to get my Business Plan and Marketing Strategy ready for implimentation! That's all for now. If I end up blogging intermitantly over the next few weeks, then you know I am studying hard. I have a Certificate to acheive. Can't have too many pieces of paper in the modern world! Might need them as toilet paper once all the trees have disappeared! :-)