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01 July, 2005

Change in the Change of Plan

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I hate it when things like THIS HAPPEN! Yesterday - offered job as Assistant Manager. Today, told them I'd take it - then they told me it wasn't that simple! The applications had to be in weeks ago - they've already rejected people for being late - so I can't be included when they go through the interview process. I was told, I have to wait two to three weeks, so that they can interview all the people and IF ... YES THAT'S AN IIIIIFFFFF!!! If they reject everyone, THEN I can apply for it (with everyone else!) So I'd have to WAIT for at least two to three weeks BEFORE I would even have a clue as to whether I can even APPLY for the POSITION they asked if I wanted YESTERDAY! So - where does this leave ME! Well, at present, it leaves me with everything up in the air again. I have two paths at the moment and these are them -
  1. Go to the UK (via Sydney, Malaysia, Japan etc) - this involves selling all my shares etc and buying plane tickets in advanced and making sure I have accomodation etc etc (as well as passing my CCNA and CCNP exams!)
  2. Wait three weeks, see if the position is available - if not resort to "plan 1.", else apply for the position, and hope I get it. If I don't get it, then resort to "plan 1.", else stay and do my Arts Degrees and General Studies Degrees.
Geees, it leave sit all up in the air for me! What if I wait and it gets towards the end of August! I haven't heard about the position and I still haven't got anything concrete for the trip to the UK - that really will screw me around! What I've decided to do, is keep planning the trip as though I am going - making sure I have everything worked out to the minutest detail - then if I don't go, it's okay, as I haven't actually bought a plane ticket or paid for accomodation etc. If I don't get the job, then it will be a simple matter of running down my checklist and purchasing the accomodation etc and hopping on a lot of planes etc and running around and seeing sights and meeting friends. Really, the big issue is this - One - if I CAN get to stay and do my ARTS DEGREES etc then I'd love to! If that door is shut (as it has been for many years), then I'm off to the UK. I feel that everytime life opens an opportunity for me to pursue what I really WANT to do, it SLAMS it in my face (Breaking my nose and making peopel laugh loudly at my misfortune!) Anyway - had a great day today. We totally re-arranged the office. It was very physical today. We even removed an old cupboard which I took home and chopped up for fire wood. While pulling it all apart we discovered lost staplers, old documents, missing pens etc. I picked up some old documentation only to have a red back spider run acorss my hand and jump to the floor. Though I hate killing things, it was a redback (VENOMOUS SPIDER) so I squished it! Poor thing. I felt sorry for the poor thing. I hope it doesn't cause me some bad karma somewhere down the line! (Can my Karma get any worse? Ai Carumba!) All the moving and dust set off my allergy to dust - sniffing - red eyes - puffy eyes - nose bleed - lots of mucus - blowing nose - itchy all over bady - scratchy throat - itchy in ears and eustrachian tubes (behind the ears) - over all exhaustian as my defense system went into overload! We also took the top off a shed out back and it took a lot of us to lift it (actually, we had to lift heavy desks over the counter which was built in front of the office!) I cut my hand when taking the roof off the shed! (Hmmm, maybe that is for squishing the spider!) Anyway - was very physical, very exhausting and I didn't really get a break - I even worked back - and I work for free! WoW! I got home, and I chopped up the cupboard for firewood. When I was sticking it in the car, I noticed a redback spider on it, so I squished that one too! Got home, and it wasn't on the cupboard. i hoep it didnt' survive my squishing and is hiding in my car to bite me! That'd be my luck! Spider bites me while driving - paralyses me, car crash! I'll give the car a good vaccuum tomorrow and make sure everything is out! Last thing I need is more dreams about being attacked by spiders and snakes! Well, I was pretty exhausted when I got home! Had a shower as soon as I finished with the firewood. Haven't done too much since! Haven't even eaten yet! Too late to eat! Bed time almost!