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25 May, 2005

More Allergic Reactions! Fun fun fun.

With my 40th Birthday coming up on Tuesday, and my party on Sunday, it's been left to me to get the cake. Why? Well, I have the only working car int he family, and the only person who has time on Friday to actually get the cake. Well done me! Happy Surprise B'day party! :-) Sick as a dog today. Actually, I was sick as a dog yesterday evening, and did one of my patented vomits in my sleep last night. Caught it all in my mouth without getting any of it on the bed (which is the bit I have patented!). Unfortunately, I swollowed half of it on the way to the bathroom to spit the rest in the sink. (Yes, I vomit into sinks and NOT toilets. Vomitting into a toilet is enough to make me sick!) I was feeling better by the time I got up this morning. Drove my mother to my sisters house, then had to mow our lawn. A normal activity for most humans, but for one such as myself, highly allergic to grass, it is a nightmare. Not hard to do the actual mowing, just my reaction is so great that I then spend the next twenty four hours recovering. So first thing I did after I finished mowing, was to have two hours sleep. I was also as nausious as anything! Took a lot to keep it all down. Got up in time to go and get my mother from my sisters house. Yes, a day practically wasted just by mowing a lawn. Something I hadn't noticed, was a phone call from my brother's motor mechanic. His Camry has been repaired (again) and is ready to be picked up. If I had of seen the phone message earlier in the day, I could have phoned my brother so he could organise the amount he has to pay etc. Instead, by the time I informed my mother, it was too late to phone the mechanic back. That means my mother and brother are busy trying to organise a way to pick up the car (whcih can' be done tomorrow, as I'm working in an office), and might be able to be done Friday, except my mother is lookin after my sisters kids, so will be over my sisters house again. Having the only working car, it does mean that I then have to pick up my cake for my surprise b'day party. What a surprise that's going to be!!!! :-) Anyway, not much else I plan to do tonight due to the allergic reactions and stuff. So just watching TV and then sleeping. Before any of you ask as to why my mother or brother can't mow the lawn; my mother has trouble walking (let alone pushing a mower) and my brother has a bad back and asthma, so my mother won't let him mow the lawn. (It used to be he just suffered from asthma ... which is funny, as I also suffer from asthma, yet my asthma get's ignored by my family as ailments are so common to me, they just expect me to behave like a normal person and ignore them all, as though they don't exist.) So another day of my life wasted by being too exhausted from my allergies. Actually, in spite of my allergies, my Doctors will inform you that I am very healthy indeed. :-)