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23 May, 2005

Michitaro's - Sydney

I finally got around to developing some disposable cameras that I had lying around. I am pretty sure that I had the Giraffe giving birth on one of these. If I did, I'd never know. Mainly as I got the film developed, and they were both 27 shot cameras. When I received them back, they'd only done 25 shots on each! Pisses me off, as where did the other two shots on each camera go! That's FOUR - count them - FOUR photo's I didn't receive that they failed to develop! There should also have been a shot of me patting the friggin' tiger at Dream World! I am p**sed off beyond belief (yes, PBB!!!) Two of the greatest shots of my f**kin' life, and the store didn't bother to develop them! Well, back to the Michitaro story. Here is a photo of my friends [back]Jun, Saori, Nao, and [front] Tatsuya doing the peace sign. I know, it's a pretty p**s poor shot. The original photo has them all on the right hand side of the screen, which says a lot about the disposable camera's ability. In fact, almost all the shots from this camera has everything to the right. So it wasn't me!
Anyway, Michitaro was where I used to eat every workday when I was in Sydney. I was pretty friendly with all the Japanese that worked there, and they came to my 36th Birthday party. I am upset the shot is so bad, but part of that was because it was shot in poor light, and part of it is because I left the film, and it had to be develped by July 2002! So only 3 years past it's develop by date!
If any of you are out there (Jun, Saori, Nao, Tatsuya) or any of the other staff (Momoko etc), then please, leave a message, leave your e-mail address, and we'll catch up. (Okay, chances are very slim that any of them will see this!) :-)
The other shots from the cameras were of Dreamworld, and Warner Brother's Movie world. I migh tposst the shots after I scan and edit them to get the subject of each shot more centralised (and not on the right of the friggin' screen!) I shouldn't complain though, both camera's cost me $1 each! Mainly as they were about 2 weeks off their development date when I bought them in 2002.