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20 May, 2005

Storm Damage!

I have finally got around to up loading the pictures of the storm damaged trees. First is the one in the park across the road from our house. It's been reduced in size by one third. (So bottom two thirds still standing).
Up the road, there are Norfolk Pines which have been completely uprooted. If I get time, I'll see if I can get photo's of those, but I can't promise anything. Numerous locations had uprooted trees, and several schools near us were closed after being completely blown apart.

Second is the one which landed on our fence. I actually took about seven pictures, but I could only upload these two for some reason. I don't think my Picasa is working correctly. I'll try uploading at least one other in the near future. Picture from other side of the fence gives a better idea of the size. Hopefully it will upload correctly soon.