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22 May, 2005

City Beach Twister

City Beach Twister - From The Sunday Times  I scanned this from this mornings paper. The storm last night had a few of these apparently, and this one was photographed off City Beach. I can't help but think that Perth is becoming a dangerous place to live. In my childhood we never had these water spouts or mini-tornadoes that have become frequent in the area now. They're saying in the newspaper that it's becoming a regular Tornadoes Corridore, similar to the US Midwest. Well, I think the Government here needs to react fast, before their electorettes get blown away. If it keeps going the way it is, we won't be able to build here, for fear of it all being blown into the desert or Indian ocean. Global warming - can't live with it, aren't allowed to blow away the f**kers who caused it! Doesn't seem fair, does it!