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22 May, 2005

Branches on Fence from other day

Branch on Fence Part 2
Finally loaded the other two images I couldnt' load the other day fromt he branch which landed on our fence. My mother remembers a time when the storms were so bad, that our fences were actually blown over. I was in Sydney then, so not much of a problem. Watching the ice caps melt on TV and being told the sea level may go up by as much as 6 metres leaves me wondering if the leaders of the world are finally going to react. Our weather is really freaky now, the ice caps melt, our land turns to desert - it's like they are doing it deliberately in the hope that it will make Jesus come back sooner! They are bad stewards of the Earth. Didn't Jesus say something about being bad stewards with what he's given us. (Well he DID! Go look it up! Provided you can get to your bookcase before the sea level floods it!) Who elected these idiots?
I know it wasn't me! I never voted for any of the last few Governments! I put the blame squarely on YOU who did vote for them! [Well, I can't go wrong with that one! Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate - More enemies accumulating for me! Teaches me for being so vocal and so F**king correct all the time!] Doesn't seem fair! Some of us do the right thing, and yet in spite of everything we try to do, there is always someone trying to make a quick buck who ruins it for the rest of us. I'm sick of hearing Governments saying their hands are tied, and they can't do anything. It's really just a way for them to say, "We can't be bothered doing something, as we don't want to upset our RICH friends!" Stoopid f**king Government. Vote someone who isn't afraid to make the REAL hard decisions! Not the f**ker who pretends they're making the hard decisions! Not that there is an election for a LONG, LONG, LONG, LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG TIME in this state and country! We're about twenty to thirty kilometers in land from the sea. Next year, Beach front property. Year after, Atlantis! Better get those gills working - of course, with the Great Whites off our shores, we'll really just be shark bait!