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21 May, 2005

Saturday, 21st May 2005

Woke up early this morning to push my brother's car inot the front yard for the tow truck to take it back to the mechanic. My mother told me to park my car to the right of the drive way, and told my brother to park his car to the left. So I drove mine out of the garage and parked it to the right. For some unknown reason, as we pushed my brother's car down the driveway, he decided to turn it right. He almost hit the back of my car. I was friggin' angry. He hadn't bothered to listen to what we'd all discussed. As it was, we had to leave it out the front in the drive way, as it was too heavy to push back up (with my mother unable to push because of her high blood pressure, and my brother unable to push because of his bad back!) Which really means it was too heavy for me to push back up! The tow truck arrived ... and it was a tow car ... with a weird looking trailer which hooked onto the front wheels of the car and lifted them off the ground. We got the car to the mechanic, who promised to phone during the day. He never did. I returned home and did half an hour on the treadmill. I then had to drive my brother to the Chiropractor to get his back X-Rayed. I parked in my car and read a book while I waited. About an hour after I dropped him off, he phoned to ask to be picked up. I picked him up, and he wouldn't stop talking all the way home about what the Chiropractor had said. Yet, when we walked in, my mother asked him what the chiropractor had said, and he replied, 'nothing'. I then told him to tell her what he'd told me. The X-Ray had shown that his neck verterbray were dead straight (as opposed to a normal neck which has a curve). What this means, is that any hit he receives on his head will result in the neck breaking. Also, the bones are beginning to fuse together, so eventually he'd have no way to turn his neck. He was told, that if it hadn't of been caught, within twenty years, they'd have fused tight. Now he is going back to have his neck manipulated in order to stop them fusing together. Spent some more of the day just on the computer. Lost at several games. Wasn't really in the mood for them, but was wasting time. My mother and brother also were hassling me about being fat. This has been going on ever since I started to exercise to lose weight. It's p****ing me off, as I know why my mother does it. She tries to demoralise me into giving up. If I stop trying to lose weight, they'll stop harassing me about my weight. Well, I'm going to push on regardless. Yesterday they both started up at me, trying to tell me I can't lose weight, because they claim I am doing it wrong. Both started on their different plans as to what I should be doing. I just walked out the house and shut the door behind me until they finished. My mother also keeps starting arguements with me. I think this is her way of dealing with the fact that I am going to the UK. Tonight, we argued as she told me we'd cook Pizza for the FA cup final the other day. When I mentinoed it tonight, she told me I was lying. Then she tried saying she'd just said we'd all eat Pizza on the weekend (which wasn't true). Then she tried telling me I'd started the arguement. It's funny, as this is exactly how she used to behave before I was thrown out of home when I was nineteen. It makes me feel very sad. It all makes me feel so tired. I seem to be there for my family when they need me, yet all they are giving me is grief at the moment. My brother's hurt his back, so he needs me, my mothe ris without a car at present, so she needs me. So I don't mind helping out. Why, though, do they find it necessary to put me down and hassle me. I feel so worn out. On top of this, I have my other problems with finances and other hassles to deal with. Next door parked on our lawn again, and dropped a softdrink can and MacDonalds bag on our lawn! Tonight they're making a lot of noise (as per usual on the weekends!) The other night they were screaming and having an arguement in the middle of the street! Such a nice neighbourhood we live in! I'll be glad when I can move to a better place. I better find out the best neighbourhoods in the UK before I go.