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16 May, 2005

Big Storm

Was awoken this morning by the dogs barking at the storm ... then my mother and brother talking loudly about the storm (as the dogs barked more!). Then couldn't sleep because of the lightning being so bright. I timed the closest as being about 3 km away. Well, any hope of getting back to sleep was dashed by my mother walking to just outside my bedroom and asking, "David, can you get up and drive your brother to the bus stop?" Well, good thing I was awake, as I might not have heard her otherwise. My mother has a habit of doing that. She just walks up, says something, and walks off. If I am lucky, I wake up in time to actually get the jist of what she wants. Other times, I need to yell for her to repeat it (which isn't easy with a mouth splint in) or leap out of bed and run down the hall to get her to repeat it. Well, our fence now has a large branch resting on it, and one of the large trees across the road has lost it's top most branches (well, almost the entire top third or something). I'll try and get a photo before the council comes and cleans it up. Today, I posted my 'leaving the course' letter to my University. Very sad. Was almost completely through second year. Could have finished it if I had enough time. I think the worst part of Uni degrees, is you can finish half a degree, and still not get a Certificate / Diploma or something for it, yet if you just enrolled for a certificate or diploma, you'd only have to do as much work as what you'd finished anyway! Still, hopefully I can resume it later if I get time and money. Got my passport photo done today. Yes, it makes me look half asleep (or half on drugs ... but not completly!) I half blinked when the flash went off. Also, makes me look FAT! Yes, fatter than I really am! Pttthhhh! (Is that possible?) I might post a copy when I get time to scan it! Remember ho I complained about a certain person making my life a misery the other day. Well, she was crossing the road as I was driving along ... and YES, I did brake! See, I am a nice person! A lot of other people probably wouldn't have bothered! :-) I arrived home today, and helped my mother move the third shed bits (still unassembled) into piles and place bricks and stuff on them. We're expecting more storms. Mini tornadoes is what the news was reporting, and yes, they hit our neighbourhood, with some of the schools down the road blown apart. They'll be closed for days. I received an e-mail from my friend Corey today. He's going to be in the UK the same time as myself. Sounds good. At least I will know one person when I get there! :-)