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20 May, 2005

Big Day at Home!

I've had a big day at home today. Pity, I wanted to work on one of my paintings, but just didn't have time. Sister's Kids Part I My Sister dropped one of her kids [Elijah] off early today as she was off to do other things with her husband. This left me looking after him while my mother had to do other things. Poor Elijah has bronchitis at present. I remember when I was young I had the same thing. I got to go to hospital and get placed in an oxygen tent to make me breathe. I think it is why I still get breathing problems to this day. My Brother Hurts his Back I was surprised when my mother started calling for me, saying it was urgent. I thought something was really urgently wrong. I was trying to answer a call from nature at the time, and quickly finished to race out and find out what the problem was. My younger brother had returned from work with a bad back. The poor guy couldn't turn his body or anything and was walking around almost completely stiff. I still don't know why I was required urgently, as there was nothing I could do to help. In fact, the reason I'd been called into the room was to confirm that I would drive him to the hospital tomorrow for X-rays of his back. As if they couldn't have waited till I had finished! I hate these constant "David, get here QUICK!" screams that my family love to do. It wasn't the last one I'd get today for a non-urgent reason. Sister's Kids part II My sister phoned back and asked if she could leave a second of her kids here [Joshua]. Apparently she'd tried to leave him at the day care centre with an obvious runny nose. The daycare centre has pretty strict rules, and wouldn't let her. So, she needed to drop him off here. So a second child for my mother to look after (and for me to look after every time she needs to answer a call of nature!) Phone to Work in Office Took a lot of phoning backwards and forth, but I was given some work to do by the Government which would have inflamed my allergies. A week ago they wanted me to help at a non-profit organisation sanding down and laquering pews. They promised I wouldn't have to do it. Instead I tried to get them to arrange to let me work in an office (which required Federal Police Clearance). So I phoned a few times trying to find out what had occurred. After a few phone conversations, they eventually called me back, and all has been arranged. Only, they will phone me on Monday to confirm when and where I am working in the office. Trip to Supermarket for Mother My mother then decided she needed a large bag of plain potatoe chips and a bag of mars bars. So off to the supermarket I went for just those things. This was after she, and my younger brother gave me big lectures on how I eat too much and don't exercise enough. I can out run both of them with speed and endurance, and they're lecturing me! Pttthhh! Tip Branch Over Fence With my brother home, I was able to borrow his digital camera to get some photo's of the tree across the road and the branch which landed on our fence. I pushed the branch over the fence so we could use it as firewood later in the year (when it's colder). House on Fire? My mother and I kept smelling smoke, so I dutifully went into the roof to make sure our roof wasn't on fire, as I couldn't smell the smoke outside. I also couldn't smell it in the roof. I think it's just soot being blown down the chimney, but my mother insists that it can't be. I remain convinced that I am right, as we often smell the 'smoke' smell, and can never find any other thing other than our own fireplace as an explanation of where the smell is coming from. My mother thinks we'd see the soot if we could smell it. I think she is wrong. I think small enough particles can be smelt and not seen. Sister's Kids Part III Was suddenly called by my mother, "David, quick! Quick! Quick!". I lept out of my chair and headed for the lounge room asking my mother to stop screaming at me. Apparently, Joshua had fallen asleep on the floor and she wanted me to put him on the lounge. Like, as if that was really urgent too! The way she screamed I thought the roof really had caught fire! Tired of having to drop everything. Who does she think I am, Seymour Skinner? [Simpsons Reference!] :-) I try to do the right thing all the time, but these urgent 'must be done NOW' crap that I get given is rediculous! Most of them are things which can wait. The other thing I hate is always having things repeated to me, even after I've done them. My mother usually appologises and says it's because my brother Jeff needs reminding ten times before he get's things done. Pttthhh! I'm not Jeff! I get asked once, I do them! What's the matter with this family that everything is a f**king emergency? I bet the day I don't respond immediately, it will be an emergency! That'd be my luck!