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06 May, 2005

The Weight of Days

Camus said something about the Weight of Days for those without friends or God. Well, who cares! I just used it as a title today because I couldn't be bothered to think about what I was going to write ... and as such, I really couldn't think of a title, as I don't have a clue what it's going to be about. I wonder if that means today's rant will turn into some sort of Beatnik stream of consciousness crap poem cockeroach dolphin bankteller slide rule happy niknak elephant ... oh damn! It did! Well, anyway. Waited for Government to phone regarding the fact that I sent a complaint in. Oh well, they probably won't. After all, the Government isn't about representing people (though it's supposed to be a representative democracy), or about solving problems. The main aim of the Govenment is to allow itself to make money, and maintain the peace so that they won't lose all that money they so shamelessly scammed from the people of the world. Yes, we pay taxes to people we like to think of as morons ... but who's money are they geting? Yes, we are the morons! Still, better peace than a war between the smartarese Government and the Morons who elected them. (Actually, I didn't vote for this Government ... nor the previous ones. In fact, I think only once did I actually vote for the party that got into power ... and I sincerely regret that! Oh, boy!) Mado o akete kudasai. Totemo atsui n desu! Hey, this is funny: Dooshite kono shitsumon no imi ga wakaranai n desu ka? Of course,it's only funny if you don't actually speak Japanese. So if you do know what it's saying ... then imagine all the people reading it who have no idea what it means! Then, it's funny. (For all those who are reading this who can only speak English ... keep saying it louder and slower over and over again till you understand it!) :-) Today's ten second poem:
I reached out to touch the electricity, And now all my thoughts are gone, As the bullies snuck up behind me, And wedgied me with my thong!
Yeah! Let's relax to the soulful refrains of a wedgied man screaming! Onwards and upwards. Upwards and onwards! And all the time Spinning, spinning, spinning! End of Beatnik crap day dinosaur thesaurus sea cow biter empathic overload yeah! yeah! yeah!