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19 May, 2005

Lacking Motivation

Yeah, another day lacking motivation. Slept in till the dogs got me up. Darn barking mad dogs! Spent two hours on the running machine trying to lose as much weight as I can. Spent the rest of the day reading through e-mails and other peoples blogs. Now, what to do, what to do. I was telling my mate Corey (who is also UK bound) that I was thinking of postponing my trip till August. The reasons for this are: 1. Allergy Doctor's appointment is in August. I want to see him and get my Epipen (adrenaline in a nice convenient jab pack), before heading off overseas. I don't want to have an anaphalactic shock episode without one. I also don't want to go through the problem of finding a new GP, then getting recommended to another allergy specialist and wait three months to see them. 2. Gives me more time to get things ready. I have to store all my belongings and decide what I need to take. I want to get most of this PC's contents onto CD's and DVD's to take with me. 3. Will allow me to save more money. 4. More time to get my prescious CCNP (study study study) 5. More time to finish some unfinished paintings and things before I go. Hope that all makes sense. Might be even more reasons to delay a little. As per what I've said before, if I can get the money together, I'll head off to Malaysia and Japan on the way. I'm waiting for my Guarantor to finish writing his part on my Passport application and send it back to me. Then I'll arrange an interview for the passport and send to the UK High Commission in Canberra for my Right of Abode Visa again. I guess that's all for now! :-)