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08 May, 2005

Mother's Day

Well, today was Mother's day. Wasn't too good a day for me though. Let's start with Friday/Saturday though. My sister dropped her kids off for my mother to look after. That ment I had to lend a helping hand to keep them out of mischief too. I don't think my sister realises that when my mother is left to look after her children, it actually interfers and my and my brother Jeff's life too (as well as making my mother cranky, as she feels she's being used and abused all the time!) So I spent a lot of time playing catch and stuff with one of my nephews, and looking after another one (who can't catch yet .. he's too young!) It ment no time for doing my project or assignment. So, I feel I am going to fail my computer science subjects due to this, as I am the ONLY person in my family who actually cares about my Degree. The other members treat it like it's a waste of my time. As such, they have no problems constantly interupting or finding ways to disturb me when I am trying to get things done. Well, I might have caught something off one of the nephews, as I kept waking last night choking on my uvula. (Which is that dangly thing at the back of your throat.) When I got up this morning, the first thing I did was chuck up ... twice. My uvula was extremely swollen and was yellow and bleeding. It was also extremely painful. I showed my mother and explained I was going to go to the hospital. My mother angered me ot two counts. First, she tried telling me that the hospital isn't open on a Sunday. Like, how F***ing stupid does she think I am. Then she tried telling me that my throat problem was nothing and I was just a big baby. This second thing angered me, as my mother often complains that when she was a young, her parents used to treat her illnesses and injuries the same way. They'd make out it was nothing, and right her off as she were a wimp. On other occassions I've caught my mother doing this to me, and told her she' doing the same thing she complains her parents did to her. She usually then uses 'her parents treatment of her' as an excuse. [ie she's doing it to me, because her parents did it to her ... therefore she is somehow vindicated in her treatment of me!] Well, my mother became furious when I insisted I was going to see a Doctor. She claimed it was some personal afront to her because I was 'pretending' to be sick on mother's day. I was so p***ed off! I drove her and my brother over to my sisters house for "Mother's Day Champaign Breakfast". On the way, my mother was still furious at me, and I was still very angry at her attitude. We got to a corner where the local Medicl Centre is. It has a set fo traffic lights, and a giveway sign for turning left. I stopped at the giveway sign and looked right to ensure no vehicles were coming. I then showed my mother the sign for the local Medical Centre which is open 7 days a week. I was so busy pointing it out to my mother, that when I moved off, I hadn't realised the cars coming the other way now had a green light. I almost caused an accident! I couldn't believe it, as I am usually such a good driver, and was driving particularly careful today. Just, at that moment, I was so busy trying to be 'right' that I stuffed up pretty bad! Anyway, the car which almost hit us, turned into the Medical Centre. I kept going down the road and dropped my mother and brother off at my sisters. I then returned to the medical centre. Just as I was arriving, the car I'd almost had an accident with was driving out of the medical centre. I felt pretty bad, and embarrassed. Still, no one was hurt. (That's the main thing!) I'd feel pretty bad if there had been an accident. When I went into the Medical Centre, there were ten people in front of me. While I was filling in my form, another girl came in who'd been hit in the eye. She was rushed straight through to the nurse. I ended up waiting one and a half hours to see the Doctor. By the time I went to see the Doctor, there were so few people waiting it wasn't funny! I was p**sed off even more. Well, I got into see the Doctor. This wasn't my usual Doctor (Doctor Sakarapani), so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was called into the Doctor's room, and I explained to her about my throat, the vomiting etc. She had a look and said it was really badly infected. So she prescribed some penicilin for it. She mentioned that it must be really painful. I agreed, because it WAS! (Something my mother wouldn't beleive!!!!!!!) The Doctor also took my temperature to ensure I didn't have a fever. I didn't. She told me that a lot fo fevers were around at the moment. She didnt' check my glands, which is funny, as the ones under my chin are up pretty bad. Maybe she didn't need to check, maybe she could see them. I then went back to the Champaign Breakfast. I showed my mother the penicilin and explained what the Doctor had said. My mother wasn't very happy about it. My mother and all the males were in the lounge room watching the football. I went into the backroom and watched Chicago with my Sister and Sister-in-law. My brother Paul came in during a break to make fun of me and tell me I was 'gay' for watching it. I pointed out that he was watching a bunch of men running around in tight shorts, I was watching a lot of scantily clad women dancing around erotically. Which is more gay???? :-) After the football finished, I brought my mother and brother home. My mother was in a bad mood with me, and hasn't really spoken to me since we returned. I have basically sat here in front of the computer trying to get things done, but it isn't much fun with a bad throat. I'm off for an early night tonight. I feel too sick. Still, I am afraid to go to sleep because of the uvula. I spent a lot of last night choking on the thing. When I had my tonsils out, the Doctor was also supposed to remove my uvula as it was always getting infected and swollen. During the operation, he decided against it. I wish he hadn't, as I seem to spend a lot of time choking on it everytime I get a throat infection! Well, I am still very p***ed off that my mother is p***ed off at me! As if I had a choice about being sick! Well happy mother's day everyone who's a mother.