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11 May, 2005

Catching Two Mosquitoes, in the Dark Using Only Bare Hands!

In Karate Kid (The movie), they had some crap about a person who could catch a fly with chopsticks could do anything! Well, last night, I caught two mosquitoes, in the dark with my bare hands. Do they equate? Can I now accomplish anything? Probably not. In fact, the first mosquito was annoying me, and I just struck out where I thought it was in the dark! The second mosquito was pure fluke! I was rolling over in bed (as you do), and my hand was up near my ear, when I heard a "buzztttt!" and realised that as I'd rolled over, a mossie (whom was probably preparing to land and take a bite from me) suddenly got caught between two of my fingers and squished! Yes, I half fluked the first kill, and completely fluked the second! So, let's interpret these omens as signs of things to come! In the mean time, spent the day depressed! (What's new). Still having a lot fo thoughts about heading to the UK. I spoke to my brother about it, because I am worried for him and my mother. My mother wants me to stay. After all, isn't that one of the main reasons I returned to Perth? Well, she understands that I don't have much keeping me in Perth. There is something stupid about this city. I can get to the final interview with companies, but no one will hire me. They are always impressed with my range of experience and knowledge of my job, yet still end up hiring someone else. Why do they hate me here? Maybe I am too threatening, as I am always full of new ideas! They seem overly conservative here, and stuck in their ways. Time to move on I think. The UK is looking very friendly to me now. I have my Right of Abode in the UK, and I have been checking job sites. In the meantime it will also get Government Departments off my back, who'd like to see me working in a factory for the rest of my life ... whcih reminds me, there is supposedly a skilled labour shortage, yet my brother in law who is in that set of 'skilled labour' was let go for a few weeks as there isn't enough work for him or his work mates. I find it funny that Aussies who are skilled in these supposed 'short supply' areas are not getting work, yet imported foreign workers are! Yet another cluster f*** by the Government in being unable to manage the work force well enough. While they keep importing the foreigners who will work for nix, the Aussies will start getting less and less work, till all the skilled labour jobs are foreigners and the Aussies are jobless. Hoepfully, it won't get to that, but wouldn't surprise me with the usual Governmental ineptitude. Also, hits to my blog site have dropped from 5 per day, to 3 per day. I will assume that one of those hits each day is me coming and writing here ... so I've effectivly gone from four readers each day to two! Halved! Thanks to all those who do come and read this. I take it from the drop in readership that I am amongst the worlds boringest blogs. Still, for the sake of those two hits each day, I'll continue! Please, leave a comment or two if you can find something to make a comment about, or if you'd like to aska stupid question or something! :-)