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05 May, 2005

Doctor's Visit & Psychopaths

Electric Shocks Today I visited a Specialist Doctor regarding my hands. As readers know, I got them a damaged working in a factory, which I beleive is especially designed for shredding hands. Well, my GP arranged it, as I had the hands swell up, and also had the right arm go numb. This Specialist stuck some electrodes to my hands and arm and basically gave me electric shocks. First of all though, I had to stick my hands in boiling hot water. I'm not sure if the specialist noticed, but my right hand actually swelled up a little. I noticed, as I was unable to make a proper first with it. Still, it might have escaped detection by the Doctor ifhe was busy running his little tests. Well, as I said, he gave my hand and arm some electric shocks. I was told, "This might tingle a little." I didn't want to tell them, but it wasn't a tingle at all. It was like a giangantic SHOCK. I felt it through my entire body. I better stop eating so much salt. I've turned into a lightning rod! One of the shocks I hardly felt at all though. Not sure if he turned the electricity down for that one, or if he hit a point where a nerve was being compressed or what. Well, after that, he took a needle and started inserting it into my arm in different locations. On a few times, it really hurt. I'm not sure if he was deliberatly trying to hurt me or not. Anyway, sometimes it hurt, other times i didn't feel it at all. Either way, he wasn't measuring how much I jumped. He has a little CRO which was showing wave patterns. I have no idea what the wave patterns showed. Obviously, they were to determine the flow of electrical current through my nervous system though. Ten minutes after it started, it was all over. Off I went home again. On Monday or Tuesday my GP will get the results of the test. Still, I can't help but wonder if it is meaningless. After all, the numbness and swelling was two weeks ago. Isn't this test a little like shuting the barn door after the horse has bolted? Birthday Coming Up My family have been asking what I want for my birthday. It's my big FORTIETH coming up! Yes,


Makes you feel young, doesn't it! :-) Well, I gave them a huge list at Xmas, and told them to get me something off the list. My mother asked, "What do you REALLY want?" I replied, "A trip to Japan." If I was thinking right, I might have asked for a return trip! Stupid me! Oh well, I won't be getting that anyway. I think my family want to put on a big 'thing' as it's my 40th. Having a ZERO after the four means it is a BIG thing apparently. When I was asked, a small voice in my head said, "Actually, can't people just leave me alone!?" Looks like I'm going to have to put up with "doing" something for my birthday to pacify the party animals in the family. Actually, before I told tem I wanted a trip to Japan, a thought did run through my head of something else I really wanted. A trip to Sydney to see all my friends. (Both of them!) :-) Well, I doubt I'll be heading to Sydney any time soon. Though, if I need to vacate Australia, I'll try to get over there before I leave. UK Trip on the Agenda The posibility of leaving Aussie to seek better fortunes in the UK is still on the agenda at present. I'm getting pee'ed off by this right winged despotism economic rationalism which seems to mean that the Government has given authority to people to threaten me. Long story. My friends all received a nice long e-mail concerning it. Anyway, if I keep getting threatened, then I'll pack my bags and leave for the UK. Once i get to the UK, I might surrender my Aussie citizenship in protest over the treatment I've been getting. It was rather funny, as my mother and I were discussing the treatment I got at the last place I worked. Then tonight, the ABC (TV) seemed to have grabbed that theme and run with it on Four Corners. Tonight was about, "Psychopathes" in the office. I'd seen stuff written about it before, and can place several of my old managers quite easily into the 'Psychopath' category (but will not name them due to obvious legal implications!) The good thing is, they now have tests which can prove whether you are a psychopath or not. It basically measures your empathy. During the show, my mother and I also discussed two psychopaths who fitted the discription provided on the TV. My father and my ex-wife. Both seemed to have NO empathty with any other people what so ever. I always find it funny how I seemed to have married a women so similar to the father I fought hard to get away from. Anyway, the TV show did have some words of advice, if you find yourself in an office (or relationship) with an obvious psychopath, then the best thing is to leave. (Run away!) How does an axe welding maniac travel through a forest? He takes the Psychopath! :-) Well, I'm going to take my own advice, and ensure that I avoid working with all psychopaths in the future. (As much as possible). One thing I can say for certain though. I certainly don't fit the description given. During the last place I worked, I was forever being told off for being "altruistic". I was alwasy sticking up for my workmates, even sticking up for them against management whenever management was trying to run roughshot over them. I've still got an e-mail from one boss, telling me "Not to be altruistic". Funny. Show a bit of empathy for workmates, and someone tries to stop you. Well, I can't help but be empathic towards my workmates. After all, the Jungian personality tests I did showed I was one third Phlegmatic. Now a days they don't call it that though. They assigned colours. Phlegmatic is Green. Caring. The other two thirds of my personality are made up of Blue (Melancholic) and Yellow (Sanguine). My choloric was hardly present at all. I wonder what a psychopath would have come out as. Still, the main thing they discussed on Four Corners, was how these psychopaths were destroying Australian business. Yet, these are the very people who seem to make it to the top. They also rise very quickly. Mainly as they're ruthless, seem efficient, and are very confident (even when 100% wrong). They also get very upset when they don't win (At which point my mother and brother said it sounded like me!) Funny thing is, I am a very gracious loser. I'm not sure my mother or brother ever remember seeing me lose, and that, I think is the real problem. If they had, they'd know I am usualyl very good about it. The main thing about games, is having fun. (Actually, I've lost before at Cluedo. Obviously they don't remember, as I never made a big song and dance about it! I'll have to remind them, so they don't think I'm a psychopath!) :-) Thinking about the traits of the modern day Office Psychopath though, I can recall several people who easily fit into the category. A few of my old flatmates too (especially the BASEBALL BAT WEILDING one, who always felt she had the right to attack anyone, but they were evil if they defended themselves). Well, I've been thinking for a long time about writing a novel about the Psychopaths within the office that I have met and had to put up with. Now might be a good time to do it before it becomes the popular thing to do. :-) I have plenty of material in my old diaries.