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30 April, 2005

Investment Course

Well, today went to another investment course. All four lectures (seminars ... whatever you call them) cost $150 each. I've paid for them in advance, and received a discount, so all four will only cost me $400. My brother wanted to use my car, so I got him to drop me off at the bus stop on his way to the supermarket. Got into the City with plenty of time to get to Exchange Plaza. I was a bit advanced for todays seminar. It was pretty basic. I am hoping to get something out of the next three though ... well, maybe the next one won't teach me much either. Still, good to go along and meet my fellow class mates / investors. Feeling very tired, as my brother was up most of the night. He was forever turning lights on and off and stuff. My mother got up at midnight to find him watching TV or something. Then the dogs were barking at something. Then the lights were being switched on and off again ... till at least 2 AM. By the time I got up at 7 AM I was still pretty tired. I actually started falling asleep during the lecture. On the bus on the way home, I started to get a headache (which I assume is from lack of sleep!) Oh well. Plenty of tiem to sleep tonight (I hope). When I got home, I offered to get Chips from up the road. My brother (who is usually a junk-food-aholic)claimed he wasn't hungry. He also complined that he was having trouble sleeping (like .. yeah, we hadn't noticed!!!!) So I bought six dollars worth (which I normally buy for the three of us), just in case my brother got hungry (which has happened before). I got home, and he insisted he wasn't hungry still ... then he ate a bowl of cereal, a tuna fish sandwich and a lot of other stuff. So much for not being hungry. Still, he wouldn't touch the chips (as he wasn't hungry! Um ... yeah!) So my mother and I ate them all. I must have been pretty hungry myself. My mother is watching the West Coast Eagles and Sydney Swans play. I think the Eagles are killing the Swans. That's good. That'll keep my mother in a good mood. I'm really not that much into watching sports. I prefer to play them. Well, just reading stuff on the internet and updating my own blog. Not much else happening. Aren't I boring! :-)