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02 July, 2006

Stop Upsetting me!!! lol :-)

Darn it. Guess I'm going for Germany now. Now that England has lost, all World Cup events have been banned in our house thanks to my mother. Personally, I don't think Portugal have a chance against France. France had a shocking start to this cup, and have now come into form in a BIG way. Australia - OUT, Dabido picks England ... England - OUT, Dabido picks Brazil ... Brazil - OUT, I'm running out of team here guys!!! lol Dabido picks Germany! Why? Does he think they're good? Does he think they'll win. NO, I just picked them as they're playing against Italy! lol If I had to put money on who will win the world cup, I'd chose France at this stage. They've found form, they're playing well. They're playing like they look on paper. But, I seem to have this major problem ... my teams keep dying dogs deaths. Yeah sure, Australia were robbed of the chance ... that's what's basically turned me anti-Italy, otherwise I might have gone for them. But to get the world cup and an academy award for diving is too much for me. Anywat, Germany is now my team ... or maybe France or Portugal depending on what happens next! lol
My mother was pretty upset ... as you can gather. Anyway, I hate it when it gets taken out on me. We decided to play the Sunday Scrabble game ... yeah, I won as per normal. Anywat, my mother and brother normally sit there looking up words in the dictionary all through the game. I asked them if I may look up a word, and my brother Jeff started on how I was cheating, and my mother started on her justification to why she looks things up in the dictionary. So, I argued against my brother Jeff regarding it being cheating, as his nose is buried in the dictionary all the time. Then, for some reason my mother started accussing ME of claiming that she was cheating! FRIG! So, I then had to argue against that ... and then she was telling me off for arguing against Jeff, and arguing against her ... All I friggin' asked was if they'd let me look up a word like they do!!! FRIG! Anywat, it basically peed me off. I won the arguments, as I pointed out the fact that they'd both tried to twist everything. Doesn't matter, I did my speaking on the scrabble board!!!
My mother also keeps telling me off for drinking those new age drinks. She says they're not healthy. What have they got in them? Well, this one has Ginger, Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Grape seed, Guarana and Green Tea extract. As I told my mother, these things are suposedly GOOD for people, not BAD! So, what do these things supposedly do? Ginger - Good for stomach problems (and works for me to combat sea sickness) Gotu Kola - evidence shows it helps many circulation and skin problems, and early tests show it's good for the brain and endocrine glands. Ginseng - good against stress, fights cancer and good for dieting. Ginkgo Biloba - improvement in circulation, anti-oxidant, good for respiratory and cardiac. Grape Seeds -Great anti-oxidants and lowers cholesterol. Guarana - Good for fat reduction, anti-oxidant, possible good for cognigative functions etc Green Tea - cognition, treatin arthritis, cancer etc plus more ... and more ... BUT, my mother is always on about how bad these drinks are for me! Grrrrr! It must be upset Dabido day! I BLAME ITALIA! [Yes, I'm still blaming them for everything. I think I have a good month left where I can safely blame them without anyone questioning the logic behind that decision!] :-)