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01 July, 2006

Where are you from?

I was just checking out some of the stats and referals to my site. Actually, I seldom do this, but thought I would today just as a bit of curiousity. Where do those 50 people come from everyday to see my site? Let's start with the mention of one weird referal. Google sent someone here after they typed in 'castrate rob lowe'. There were a few other weird referals, but I think that one was weirdest of the bunch today. So, where have the last 100 visitors come from to this site? [Alphabetical order]. Australia 3 (though I am sure one of them was me! The other two were from NSW and Qld respectively) Canada 3 Germany 1 Ireland 1 Japan 2 Lebanon 1 Malaysia 31 Philipines 1 Poland 1 Singapore 14 South Africa 1 United Kingdom 7 United States of America 18 Unknown 16 So, the main readers are from Malaysia, United States, Unknown Country and Singapore. Thank you all. Please, come again! :-)