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20 June, 2006

When I get back to it ...

As a few of you have realised, the World Cup has slowed me up a bit ... working during the day, watching football at night ... and never eating right or sleeping ... daggnammit! lol Here is the old list resurrected on what I was going to blog about. Perry Pooter (Harry Potter send up) is part of the way through.
  1. Harry Potter send up - Perry Pooter, currently at Part Nine.
  2. Hobbit Send up
  3. Wuthering Heights send up
  4. Dabido and the Aliens from Mars
I might stick the Lord of the Rings in One Thousand and Six words or less into a PDF as well for download. [Don't let me forget!] :-) As per normal, I'll put the question out there - ask me to blog on anything ... I'll invent a silly story or something. NOTE: It DOESN'T HAVE to be a send up! In the major redesign of this blog, I'm going to try to get some buttons down the side to link to some form of index for eveything so far. Not easy in Blogger, as it doesn't have that sort of support, but I have an idea of how to do it. :-)